Will This ‘Frozen 2’ Song Be The New ‘Let It Go’?

Frozen 2 has a tough act to follow. The original movie was an instant Disney classic and fans have been singing “Let It Go” for six years, trying as hard as they can to reach Elsa (Idina Menzel)’s high notes. They’ve been waiting six years to have new Elsa, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Olaf (Josh Gad) songs to sing, and their parents have been waiting six years for their kids to sing something else. Frozen 2 may just fit the bill with seven new songs, but which one is the new “Let It Go?”

Frozen 2
Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in Frozen 2 | Disney

The filmmakers behind Frozen 2 showed some early songs and footage to the press this month. Showbiz Cheat Sheet was there to hear three of the new songs and there’s a very strong candidate for Frozen 2’s showstopper. Here’s a preview of that song. Frozen 2 is in theaters November 22.

‘Into the Unknown’ could be the ‘Let It Go’ of ‘Frozen 2’

Elsa sings Into the Unknown when she hears voices calling her to leave the comfort of Arendelle to explore her powers in the unexplored realms like the Enchanted Forest. She sings “Into the unknown, into the unknown, into the unknown’ hitting higher notes each time. 

Executive Music Producer Tom MacDougall said Into the Unknown is actually a reversal of Let It Go.

“We had Let it Go which was obviously a powerful song,” MacDougall said. “A character that had been told to conceal, don’t reveal anything, and then when that song starts and she starts to make that evolution as a character, even the first chorus of that song is very sort of gentle. By the end of the song, she’s screaming at the top of her lungs, even declaring the cold never bothered her anyway.”

Frozen 2
Elsa goes into the unknown in Frozen 2 | Disney

Elsa made peace with her powers and even learned she was far more powerful in love than she ever was in fear. So where does she go from here? Into the Unknown, of course.

“For Into the Unknown, we had a new situation for Elsa,” MacDougall said. “She’s got this literal voice calling her that she can’t identify who it, what it is, where it’s coming from, why, but she’s had these lingering questions about why does she have powers? Why is she different?  What is her purpose?”

The audience will decide what the ‘Let It Go’ of ‘Frozen 2’ is

Elsa has another song in Frozen 2. That could be even bigger and better than Into the Unknown. Either way, the goal of the Frozen 2 songwriters, Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, is not to top Let It Go

Frozen 2
Elsa in Frozen 2 | Disney

“We don’t really set out to identify what song is going to do what things and certainly not in comparison to the first film,” MacDougall said. “We just look at the opportunity that the storytelling  affords us. We’re certainly thrilled with the way this one turned out, but there are other songs in the film, for sure.”

Everyone gets a song in ‘Frozen 2’

Frozen 2 directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck revealed there are seven songs in Frozen 2. We heard Into the Unknown, a lullaby sung by Elsa and Anna’s mother, and Olaf singing “This Will All Make Sense When I’m Older.” That leaves four more, including another Elsa song.

Olaf in the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2 | Disney

“We won’t say what the song is,” Buck said. “What’s great about this version of the story is they each have a song in the movie, each of their needs. Yes, Kristoff gets a whole song this time.”

Lee added, “We can’t tell you what they sing.  Actually, they all have very powerful songs in the sense of they’re not just driving the story forward but I think Bob and Kristen really outdid themselves.  It’s extraordinary music.”

Animating Elsa going ‘Into the Unknown’

It’s one thing for Idina Menzel to sing her heart out, and she does. The animators have to make Elsa’s actions match Menzel’s voice. Wayne Unten was the animation supervisor for Elsa. 

“She’s arguing with herself,” Unten said. “She’s saying, ‘I don’t need something. I had my adventure.‘ The analogy I had for this was, I’m in the kitchen and there’s a cookie and she’s saying, ‘I’m not going to eat you. I know you’re chocolate chip but, no. I know you’re warm and you smell really good, I just made you this morning but, no, no.’ So, what does she do?  She eats the cookie.  And there’s a regret after.”

Elsa's magic in Frozen 2
Elsa’s magic in Frozen 2 | Disney

Elsa embodies some famous dancers in the animation.

“Jen Lee asked us to look to Martha Graham and modern dance for inspiration,” Unten said. “We didn’t want it to look like a dance but there’s power in Martha Graham technique such as spiral, grounding the character. It’s almost like it works with her because she has this connection with nature. She’s grounded and then a flow of energy from inside to out.”