Will This Year Be ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Only Chance to Win an Emmy?

Schitt’s Creek tells the story of the once-wealthy Rose family having to move to the poor town they bought. The show is co-created by Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy.

The comedy wasn’t a big hit, but it grew its fan base through Netflix. Now the show surprisingly got its first Emmy nominations. Will this be its only chance to win? Here is everything you should know.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ has been nominated for four Emmy awards

Eugene Levy (L) and Catherine O'Hara of 'Schitt's Creek'
Eugene Levy (L) and Catherine O’Hara of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The Pop TV comedy is nominated for best comedy. Catherine O’Hara’s performance as Moira Rose is nominated for best actress in a comedy, Eugene Levy’s performance of Johnny is nominated for best actor in a comedy, and the show got another nod with best contemporary costumes.

The cast talked about being surprised by the acknowledgement from the award show. “Quite honestly, I have to admit, I always thought our chances were probably slim, you know?” Eugene Levy told CNN. “Boy I’ll tell ya, ending up with four nominations…that really…wow.”

The show’s co-creator admitted that they weren’t really expecting the show to even still be around. “Nobody could have thought when we started this thing six years ago that we’d still be around, let alone getting any Emmy nominations for it,” he said. “But it’s a lot of hard work and a goal to produce the best character comedy that we could.”

The show is ending after season 6

Dan Levy announced the show will be ending after season 6. He also teased his vision about how things will end for the Rose family.

“I’ve always known how the show was going to end,” he said according to CBC News. “I’ve always seen every season of our show as a chapter in the story of this family’s life, and we have reached our inevitable conclusion in that story, so it was the right time and it was something that I had been building to for five seasons.”

The last season will have 14 episodes. Levy might have decided to end the show now, but he isn’t against continuing it in the future.

“I feel really confident that we’ve really mined everything we could. But the world doesn’t explode at the end of it,” he said according to Entertainment Weekly. “If there is something that comes up down the line that feels compelling enough to bring our troupe back together and continue to tell a story, so be it. I’m not one to slay down the iron fist and say ‘This is it forever.’ This is just it for now.”

Season 6 could lead to another Emmy year

The good thing about having to wait for the last season is that the show could get another chance at taking an Emmy. This year’s nominations aren’t related to the show’s last season.

Season 6 will premiere in January 2020. That could lead to another year of nominations before the show is done.

The good news is that there is a little hope that the show will be revived, which could also lead to another chance at the Emmys. However, that would mean Dan Levy has more story to tell about the family.

[Correction, 9/12/19: An earlier version claimed Dan Levy was nominated for his role of David Rose instead of Eugene Levy. He wasn’t nominated.]