Will Wendy Williams Return to Her Show in February?

Talk show host Wendy Williams has certainly endured her share of controversy over the years, mainly stemming from her tendency to “spill the tea” about the personal lives of celebrities. Williams has always been able to easily recover from any drama and has been a reliable face on viewer’s televisions for ten years.

However, since the end of December 2018, Williams has been on hiatus from her talk show, and without a definitive word as to what’s really going on, fans are wondering if and when the chatty television personality will ever return to The Wendy Williams Show.

Why did Williams take a break from her show?

The trouble started in December after viewers noticed some strange on-air behavior from Williams. The normally sharp host was slurring her words, fumbling during guest interviews, and generally not seeming to feel well. On December 20th, Williams announced that she would be taking a short break from hosting duties due to complications with Graves disease (a condition that she had previously disclosed to her fans after an on-air fainting spell) and a shoulder injury but that she would return for all-new episodes in early January.

Williams never made that promised return on January 7th, and the date for her return kept getting pushed back on a weekly basis. Fans started to wonder what was really going on, and why Williams herself hadn’t made more of a public statement if something major was happening in her personal life. The speculation hit a fever pitch when it was announced that the show would feature a variety of guest hosts beginning in February, with still no word on what exactly was happening to Wendy Williams.

What is happening with her marriage?

Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter have long been plagued by rumors of a rift in their marriage. For several years, tabloids have been reporting that Hunter, who also acts as Williams’ manager, was conducting an extramarital affair with a family friend. Furthermore, reports have claimed that Williams knew about the affair and simply chose not to speak out publicly due to the embarrassment.

In late 2017, Williams addressed the allegations in an indirect manner when she made a statement on her show. Williams said that while viewers could “believe what they want,” she would stand by her man and that all was well with the couple. However, that did little to quell the rumors, and after Williams announced her extended leave from the show in December 2018, fans immediately started guessing that Kevin Hunter’s actions were responsible. 

When will Williams return to the show?

On February 14th, the show’s producers announced via Instagram that the second-to-last week of February would feature a panel of guest hosts in place of Williams. They offered no further insight as to when Williams might possibly return, or about whether the rumors of her possible return on February 25th held any water.

Fans are left waiting and wondering when the famed talk show host will be back on her very own show, or even if she will return at all. There is also a great deal of speculation as to whether Williams will go into detail about the state of her marriage, or whether or not the gossip held any truth at all when she does make her eventual return.

Fans have pointed out that since Williams’ job is to discuss the personal lives and fortunes of celebrities, to not be honest about her own is the ultimate hypocrisy – and show ratings might suffer because of it. All that fans can do is stay tuned to social media for any updates about Wendy Williams, and her reunion with the show named after her.