Will Whoopi Goldberg Ever Quit ‘The View’?

Our crystal ball clouded up recently when we asked it if Whoopi Goldberg would ever quit The View. The reason it has fogged is that the co-host has gone back and forth about her status like a ping-pong ball.

One year she’s decided she’s had enough and she’s ready to go. Then, the next year she decides everything is copacetic. Then, the year after that, her entire future is thrown into jeopardy because of health issues. Given the media frenzy that erupts no matter what happens to Goldberg, we would suggest that if she did leave, it would not be good for the show.

Whoopi Goldberg wanted to leave ‘The View’ in 2017

Whoopi Goldberg | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

The fall of 2017 marked Goldberg’s 20th year on the show, and she confessed to E! News that she was ready to bolt until, she pulled an Al Pacino: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

That was the year President Donald Trump took office, and the famously left-leaning Goldberg butted heads with her co-hosts and took a lot of flack from the public. Enough seemed to be finally enough.

“I wasn’t coming back but my daughter said I think that’s a mistake because we’ve just had a major shakeup and you need to be a part of this conversation,” Goldberg said.

“I never thought I would get in as much trouble as I seem to have gotten in. You have to be prepared for half the country to hate you every day. It’s a lot to carry but that’s why I try not to look back,” she added.     

Whoopi Goldberg explains why she stuck around ‘The View’

Only a few months later, history seemed to repeat itself. She visited The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon she had wanted to leave but had decided to stick it out, seemingly referring to what she had told E! the year before. She added she was considering a return to Broadway, where she had her first major claim to fame, but for the time being, she was sticking with the show.

“Oftentimes, if you’re looking at me, I don’t have a point either,” she said. “But this is my job. That’s what they pay me to do. Before y’all start tweeting and sending me all that stuff, I don’t care what you think .. you can always turn me off. It’s very easy to do, many people have done it.”

Whoopi Goldberg’s health problems

Earlier this year, Goldberg was absent from The View for about a month. Speculation about her status became so pervasive that people thought maybe she was secretly preparing to host the Oscars, or at least to present on the show. She had hosted the Academy Awards four times.

However, the situation turned out to be much more serious. She had double pneumonia and sepsis. The illness became so severe that she had a one in three chance of dying, said her doctors who appeared on the show after she recovered. Goldberg tried to fight it on her own, and that turned out to be an almost fatal mistake. She had to lungs drained twice.

“The crazy thing is, people don’t take this seriously. They don’t take pneumonia seriously, and you have to,” Goldberg  “I just [tried to] fight through it, and you can’t do that. It will kill you.”

Whatever Goldberg’s status is, it’s clear that people still tune in for her, even if they disagree with her. If she left The View, it may not end the show, but it would probably make the show’s future more than a little uncertain — just like Goldberg’s was.