Will Whoopi Goldberg Stay Moderator at ‘The View’ for the 2020 Election?

While TV shows don’t go on forever, The View is now approaching Simpsons territory. Barbara Walters launched it in 1997 and, 22 years later, it remains as influential than ever. In fact, you can’t run for president these days without stopping by and making your case to the ladies at the table.

That’s why the New York Times recently called it “the most important political TV show” in the country. When someone like Whoopi Goldberg weighs in on Beto O’Rourke, people listen (Beto maybe most of all).

But 2020 hopefuls aren’t the only ones paying attention when Whoopi speaks. Since landing the moderator job over Gayle King in 2007, she’s steered the show through several rough patches and become the one essential figure. (Barbara retired long ago and Rosie O’Donnell is in permanent exile.)

But that doesn’t mean Whoopi will hang around to shepherd the show into the next decade. While some sources have reported she’ll stay aboard through 2020, there has been talk that the over-abundance of drama lately has made her rethink those plans.

Why reports say Whoopi is nearing the end of her line

‘The View’ airs Monday-Friday 11am-12pm, ET on ABC. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

When Whoopi was first in the running for moderator, Barbara Walters wondered why she’d drop her acting career to sit and talk on TV. But Whoopi liked the idea of a day job that pays well, and the Oscar-winner didn’t take long to make her mark. (Barbara came to truly admire her.)

Those were the good old days, with Walters still in control, Whoopi seemingly always on a roll, and guests like Barack Obama dropping by the studio to chat. In the Trump era, the mood at the show (as in much of the country) has darkened.

The anger and overall resentment that comes from Meghan McCain’s end of the table hasn’t made The View such a great show to work at (or watch). Tabloid reports have claimed their sources say Whoopi is fed up with the daily bickering — and McCain’s behavior in particular.

In a June 6 Daily Mail report, the tabloid’s sources described Whoopi as “at her breaking point with Meghan.” If she is thinking about leaving, it wouldn’t be the first time.

In Ladies Who Punch, Ramin Setoodeh reported that Whoopi almost left following the debacle that was Rosie’s second coming at the show. But Setoodeh has said he expects Whoopi to stay aboard a few more years.

The foremost authority on ‘The View’ expects Whoopi to stay a bit.

Whoopi’s future remains up in the air at “The View.” | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

No one knows more about the inner workings and personalities at The View than Setoodeh. In his recently published tell-all, he wrote that both Whoopi and Joy Behar have signaled they’d stay aboard through the 2020 election (i.e., two more seasons).

However, Whoopi was one of only two major View players who didn’t speak to him for the book. (A disgruntled Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the other.) Meanwhile, things change fast on the show, and in recent weeks many have noted a hostility toward Whoopi from McCain that wasn’t there before.

Considering Whoopi advocated on McCain’s behalf on the two occasions she was up for a job at The View, that behavior could feel like a betrayal. If we’ve learned anything from Ladies Who Punch and other reports, it’s that Whoopi doesn’t take such personal slights lightly.

That might lead to another shake-up in the cast around Whoopi, but it could also lead to the popular moderator taking her leave. If that happened, few could expect The View to last much longer.

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