Williams-Sonoma Partners With ‘Shark Tank’ Participants to Carry Cup Board Pro

Back in October 2018, Kiera, Kaley and Christian Young appeared on Shark Tank. The poise of the sibling team blew audiences away, but the story behind their invention tugged right at the heartstrings of even the most hardened investors. The Young siblings lost both of their parents to cancer. Their mother, Elizabeth died in 2012 from breast cancer. In April 2018 their father died from 9/11-related cancer. Now, the siblings are looking to take on the cooking world in their father’s honor, all with the help of the sharks and Williams-Sonoma.

What was Keith Young’s invention?

Keith Young spent most of his career as a firefighter, but inside the firehouse, he discovered a love of cooking. According to Fire Rescue 1, the Johnson and Wales trained chef transformed the firehouse into a culinary haven and took his skills to televisions across the world. He battled Bobby Flay, wrote a cookbook and took home the gold on Chopped twice.

After his wife’s death, he turned his interests to inventing. He developed the Cup Board Pro, a high-quality cutting board that solved two problems faced by home chefs. The board includes a detachable cup that quickly collects ingredients as you chop, and a grooved rim to ensure juices don’t end up all over the countertops.

Firefighters | Getty Images

Young had developed the prototype and sent off his audition tape for Shark Tank when his health took a turn for the worse. He passed away before he could bring his invention to the tank, but his children were happy to pick up where he left off.

Williams-Sonoma will be carrying the Cup Board Pro

Kierra, Kaley, and Christian took to the ABC show that made them famous to let fans know Williams-Sonoma would be selling their father’s invention. The company decided to help the sibling team when they were flooded with orders.

The Williams-Sonoma team took on a big task – keeping the original design while improving on the board. They’ve slimmed down the footprint, swapped out materials and worked with the siblings to make the product the best it can be, according to USA Today.

The overall design has stayed the same, though. The board still features Young’s detachable cup, grooved edge design, and an FDNY insignia to honor the sacrifice he and his coworkers made on September 11, 2001. Williams-Sonoma will be selling the product for $59.95.

How have the sharks helped the young entrepreneurs?

Mark Higgins, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner all went in together to give the siblings a 100,000 investment for a 20% stake of their company, but they went above and beyond a mere investment. According to Newsweek, the sharks offered to donate any profits they made from the deal to 9/11 charities.

Daymond John
Daymond John | Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage

Daymond Jonh is said to be the shark to have brokered the Williams-Sonoma deal, helping the siblings through the process. In January 2019 the Youngs, thanks to the sharks, were able to donate $41,000 to the FDNY Foundation.