‘Win Your Country’: Whoopie Goldberg Is Bringing a Romanian Game Show to American TV

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Americans aren’t the only ones who love their game shows. Countries around the world have their own favorite competition shows. And when we say competition, we mean it! Check out these five dangerous game shows that challenged competitors’ sanity, health, and safety. Some of them make even Fear Factor seem tame by comparison!

Romania’s ‘Win Your Country’

Of course, not all game shows are that challenging physically. Some challenge contestants’ brain power and knowledge base instead. The premise of this popular Romanian game show is to prove that Romanians really know their country. If they can prove that they do, then they can win big. Romanians have been demonstrating their national pride for 200 episodes and counting. Now it’s America’s turn.

Can we win our country?

The American version of Win Your Country has contestants competing in three rounds. They each choose a territory (city, state, or region) and then must conquer neighboring territories. They do that by knowing the most about that specific territory. Answer enough questions right and they get to move on to the next round.

This is the exciting part. The players each try to conquer another’s territory first in their best cat-and-mouse fashion. The last player left makes it to the final round where they have an opportunity to win the substantial prize money.

National pride is contagious!

Win Your Country was originally produced for Romanian audiences by Zucchero Media. Now, there’s a Canadian version in development, and a French company has taken an option on it. We predict even more countries will want to show their national pride and knowledge once the American version is up and running.

Whoopi Goldberg is bringing it to America

Small World IFT was instrumental in bringing the show to America. Company President Tim Crescenti says, “The format guarantees plenty of humor, fast-paced quiz/trivia action and viewer interaction.”

According to executive producer Goldberg, “We love the civic nature of this show and the positive focus on unity and identity. It gives the players and the audience a chance to take pride in the place they call home and have a great time doing it, along with a little healthy competition.”

The show is in development for One Hoe Productions with Goldberg and Tom Leonardis from I’m Coming Home as executive producers. One Hoe is partnering with 44 Blue’s Stephanie Noonan Drachkovitch and Dan Snook to bring the show to the American audience.

Whoopi’s other credits

Goldberg is a rare EGOT winner, having won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony honors. She has played everything from an alien barkeeper (Guinan on Star Trek: Next Generation) to her long-standing role as moderator and co-host of ABC’s The View. She’s set to star in the upcoming ABC comedy pilot Delores & Jermaine, playing the no-nonsense grandmother to a shiftless millennial. She’ll also act as one of the executive producers on the show, which is based on the life of comedian Jermain Fowler.

This comedian, actor, writer, and producer has an extensive list of credits to her name. They date back to her movie debut in Citizen in 1982, although most people first saw her portrayal of Celie Johnson in the acclaimed 1985 production of The Color Purple. We can’t wait to see how she tackles the world of game shows with Win Your Country!

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