‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Pedro Pascal Created a ‘Collage Pop-up Book’ Out of His Script To Channel the Role of Maxwell Lord

When Pedro Pascal went from Din Djarin in The Mandalorian to Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984, he knew it was going to be a more difficult job. The actor was so worried about nailing the character that he spent time creating a scrapbook out of his script to master the role.

KRISTEN WIIG as Barbara Minerva and PEDRO PASCAL as Max Lord
‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva and Pedro Pascal as Max Lord | Clay Enos/ ™ & © DC Comics

‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Pedro Pascal did not channel Donald Trump for Maxwell Lord

When fans saw the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, many quickly pointed out the striking similarities between Maxwell Lord and President Donald Trump. However, in several interviews, Pascal emphasized that he never thought of the former President as Lord.

Pascal’s character is a struggling yet charming businessman and TV personality. Lord is the founder of Black Gold Cooperative and spent most of his life searching for the Dreamstone. When he eventually found it, Lord used the power for personal gain. 

“I’m not a con man, but a respected television personality,” Lord said at one point in Wonder Woman 1984.

Pascal explained to Indie Wire that he saw the Lord and Trump comparisons coming because of his character’s physical resemblance. 

“That visual obviously has a specific reference,” Pascal told the outlet. “But in playing it, I’m not inspired by the reference at all. It wouldn’t have taken me anywhere. Of course, I didn’t have to think about other people. I wasn’t asked to. It didn’t come up in conversation. And personally, internally, I didn’t want to do that.”

Pascal created a scrapbook to help him channel his role as Lord

Although Pascal has never made a scrapbook before, he felt the need to see Lord’s character more clearly.

“I took each script page and built a sort of Wonder Woman collage pop-up book in a leather binder,” he continued. “I created a pedestrian art project around a role. I knew I needed to pay more attention to it than I had for any jobs for a while.”

Pascal felt the need to dig deeper into what made Lord tick before accurately portraying the character.

“It was a practical way of making me focus and not go home tired and put on Netflix,” he added. “It’s 1984, and this guy is in his 40s. What era defined him? ‘I cannot be lazy about this.’ This was a way of challenging my own personal discipline.”

Gal Gadot confirms the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ writers did not try to ‘mimic Trump’

In an interview with Variety, Gal Gadot (who portrays Wonder Woman) revealed the true inspiration between Lord’s character.

“Maxwell Lord has so many different versions in the comic world,” Gadot told the outlet. “I think that Patty and Dave and Jeff, the writers, really took Gordon Gekko’s personality. The thing about Maxwell Lord in our movie, unlike the comics, is that he is more complex. He’s not just an evil villain. He is a regular person who wants to be all these things.”

She also emphasized that Pascal and the director did not try to model Lord as former President Trump.

“I know from Pedro, while we were shooting the movie, and at a certain point, he just focused on the page and what was there,” she added. “Along with Patty, they just created this character. We never tried to mimic anybody else. We never tried to mimic Trump.”