‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Will the Movie’s Release Date Get Pushed to Thanksgiving?

As the world contends with a pandemic, 2020 has been a disaster for Hollywood. Studios have been forced to decide between sending its movies to on-demand platforms or pushing their theatrical releases back indefinitely. And Wonder Woman 1984 is caught right in the middle.

Even though Warner Bros. has announced a new release date for the superhero sequel, some fans are understandably skeptical. In fact, rumor has it director Patty Jenkins’ movie could get pushed back to Thanksgiving weekend.

A Wonder Woman backdrop at Sao Paulo Expo
A Wonder Woman backdrop at Sao Paulo Expo | Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has been repeatedly pushed back

Wonder Woman 1984 has faced a tremendously rocky road on its way to theaters. The movie — which follows 2017’s breakout hit — was originally set to debut in December 2019. Then it was briefly moved up to November before Warner Bros. finally staked out June 5, 2020.

Of course, that was before the coronavirus pandemic changed everything. As a result of that public health crisis, movie theaters were closed. And Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed to Aug. 14, 2020. But Christopher Nolan’s Tenet — another Warner Bros. release — moved from mid-July to July 31.

To make room, the release of Wonder Woman 1984 shifted yet again to Oct. 2, 2020. The movie is among the year’s most anticipated movies. And at this point, fans just want to know when they can finally check it out.

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Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins have responded to the update

Despite the persistent delays, Warner Bros. has stuck with its decision to send Wonder Woman 1984 to theaters. Rumors briefly indicated it could have been a streaming release. Now both Jenkins and star Gal Gadot took to Twitter to share their optimistic enthusiasm for Wonder Woman 1984‘s new date.

Promising the movie will be “worth the wait,” Gadot thanked the fans for sticking with the movie’s constantly shifting release dates. “Wow, it’s finally happening, & I couldn’t be more excited!” Gadot tweeted. Meanwhile, Jenkins opened up a bit more, touching on the current pandemic.

“Wish we were sharing our film yesterday but there are more important things going on in our world we’d rather you focus on for now,” the director tweeted. “Thank you to our fans for being so great, by our sides. Can’t WAIT for you to see it! Sending love and healing to the world. See you October 2nd!!”

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Fans are anticipating another delay in the movie’s release

Most fans have been understanding about the decision to push the movie back. “It’s [sic] sucks that these big releases keep moving, but right now everyone’s health is more important than going to a movie theater,” one user tweeted.

But other fans are betting Wonder Woman 1984 will shift even later in 2020. In fact, shortly before the movie’s official Twitter account announced the Oct. 2, 2020 date, it accidentally posted the same images but with Nov. 25, 2020 listed instead. Of course, those images were screen-captured before being deleted. And fans are bracing themselves for yet another delay.

Most likely, Warner Bros. was trying to decide between these two dates and opted for October. If that date ends up not working out, the studio will likely keep the November one in its back pocket. After all, that would put Wonder Woman 1984 in the prime Thanksgiving weekend slot. At this point, fans will just be thankful to see the movie no matter when it does finally release.