‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’: Rosario Dawson Talks About Showing a Different Side to the Hero

More of Wonder Woman’s world is shown in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Rosario Dawson is again voicing the character in the animated movie where the hero is torn between different people.

The cast of the movie and co-directors Justin Copeland, Sam Liu and writer, Mairghread Scott were at New York Comic Con to talk about the movie. This is what they had to say during the roundtable interviews on Oct. 4.

‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ will show the character torn between two sides

This movie is full of characters like Dr. Cyber (Mozhan Marnò), Silver Swan (Marie Avgeropoulos), Doctor Poison (Courtenay Taylor), and more. Wonder Woman will be stuck in between some of them.

“Putting her in a position where she has to choose between two loyalties. That’s a blast!” said co-director Justin Copeland. Writer, Mairghread Scott talked about wanting to show off the amazing villains that Wonder Woman has and interesting female relationships.

“It was really important to me that there would be a lot of different kinds of female relationships,” said the writer. “But that everyone felt really grounded. I didn’t want there to be any characters where you didn’t understand where they were from, or they just were bad.”

Scott added that she wanted them to feel like real people. Dawson eventually talked about which female relationship in the movie that stands out to her.

There is one relationship in the movie that stands out to Rosario Dawson

Mozhan Marno and Rosario Dawson
Mozhan Marno and Rosario Dawson | Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for ReedPOP

“We’re doing this story of Bloodlines where it’s mostly female centered,” said Dawson. “It’s all a lot of female characters even on the good side and the bad side that are getting explored and they’re just really getting their due.

When asked which female relationship stood out to her she answered, “For me, I mean it always goes back to Hippolyta (Cree Summer) and her mom. I’m very close with my mother and I’m very close with my daughter.”

She later said, “That’s that first female relationship we have in our life and it can be so contentious. And it’s such a mark of evolution like we’ve grown up that we can break that umbilical cord and move on.”

Dawson talks about the need for more female-led movies

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This movie still is a rare one considering it’s focused on a female hero. Dawson talked about the need for more representation.

“I mean you’ve just got so many different spaces that are being occupied and still the numbers are really dismal and abysmal,” said the actress.

She later added, “Obviously I hope that this film is successful and reaches out there and helps to change hearts and minds for the greater good of course. But I don’t think it’s any one project’s job to have to do that. I think it’s all of us as a culture that needs to evolve.”

There hasn’t been a film centered on the character for some time. It might make you wonder if those behind the movie are hoping to do more in the future.

“Yes, in this case,” answered co-director Sam Liu. “I think [executive producer] James [Tucker]’s hope is that ‘Okay, this is gonna be one introduction kind of thing. But we’re going to tell more stories moving forward.” He added they still have to navigate the channels to see if they will be allowed to tell those stories.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is now available digitally and will be available on 4K and Blu-ray on Oct. 22.