Wondery Network Parts Ways with Mike Boudet of ‘Sword and Scale’

The Wondery Network, the producers behind some of the top true crime podcasts, has parted ways with Sword and Scale. The true crime podcast is one of several on the network but regularly sits in the top 60 podcasts for both Apple’s podcasting app and Stitcher Radio. The decision came after host Mike Boudet posted offensive content on his Instagram account during National Women’s Day. The network made the announcement shortly after Boudet’s now deleted content went live. While this was the final nail in Boudet’s coffin with Wondery, the polarizing host has exhibited a slew of troubling behavior in recent years.

What was the Instagram post that got Mike Boudet booted from Wondery?

Wondery’s announcement that they would part ways with Boudet came after the famed podcast host posted a meme that stated “I don’t understand dumb c—-s. Maybe I should take one apart to see how it works.” The post garnered swift attention, even as Boudet quickly deleted it.

Because Boudet covers true crime, a genre that often deals with female victims, his comments were particularly disturbing. Opponents of the podcaster have come out in droves to let the world know this is not the first time Boudet has been insensitive, offensive or downright creepy. Wondery did not comment on exactly what caused the network to terminate their relationship with Boudet.

A timeline of Boudet’s bad behavior

Boudet’s podcast focuses on covering some of the most brutal and strange crimes in the United States, but that doesn’t mean Boudet is an upstanding guy. In fact, the former podcast host has a long and illustrious history of making inappropriate comments on social media.


According to Mamamia, Boudet has regularly displayed misogynistic tendencies. He has repeatedly asked fans for nude photos, made both flattering and disparaging remarks about fans’ appearances, and has posted negative comments regarding those suffering from mental health issues.

Boudet set the internet on fire when he shared the name of a kidnapping victim. The victim who was repeatedly raped and tortured by her captor had remained anonymous until Boudet outed her. According to The Wrap. the victim had wished to stay anonymous.


Boudet also took to twitter to blame Rabia Chaudry, an award-winning author and the host of Undisclosed , and Aaron Mahnke, famed for Lore, for the cancellation of his show. How the pair play into Boudet’s naritive is not entirely clear.

What is next for Sword and Scale?

Mark Boudet took to Soundcloud to share the news with his followers. In the emotional broadcast, Boudet noted that he and Wondery had decided to part ways, and that Sword and Scale was over, as followers remember it. He did note that he will be back with new episodes once he shores up his own platform and figures out how to proceed.

Boudet currently hosts special shows through the Patreon platform. In his announcement, he noted that his podcast will go forward behind a paywall and will no longer be advertiser supported. Boudet currently has more than 14,000 patrons. Supporters pledge between $5 to $50 per month for access to additional episodes, merchandise, and other perks.