Woody Allen’s Amazon Series: What We Know So Far

After months of anticipation, Woody Allen’s Amazon Prime series is finally set to premiere this fall. As with all of his projects, the director has been keeping details about the much-hyped, upcoming show under tight wraps — until now. The streaming service recently revealed a little more about what fans can expect from the series, entitled Crisis in Six Scenes. Here’s everything we know so far.

1. It will chronicle a family crisis

Crisis in Six Scenes woody allen's amazon series

Crisis in Six Scenes | Source: Amazon Studios

Written and directed by Allen, the six-episode series takes place in the 1960s “during turbulent times in the United States.” According to the official synopsis, the upcoming series will follow a middle class suburban family that’s visited by a guest who ends up turning the entire household completely upside down.

2. The cast

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

In addition to creating the series, Allen will also star as a timid writer named Sidney Muntzinger. The show also co-stars Miley Cyrus, Elaine May, Rachel Brosnahan, and John Magaro. Michael Rapaport, Margaret Ladd, David Harbour, Joy Behar, Christine Ebersole, Becky Ann Baker, Lewis Black, and Rebecca Schull are also featured in the cast.

3. The footage we’ve seen so far

Amazon released a brief sneak peak of the series in August, which starts off with news clips highlighting protests of the Vietnam War. It ten segues to Allen’s character, Sidney Munsinger asking his barber to give him a cut that makes him look like James Dean. But considering Allen’s balding hair, the request is more wishful thinking. “I could work on your hair for 10 years, Sidney,” says the barber, “You’re never going to look like James Dean.”

[Update, 9/14/16: Added first full-length trailer (see below).]

4. It’s been a challenging project for Allen

Director Woody Allen

Woody Allen | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Amazon made headlines for adding an acclaimed filmmaker like Allen to their lineup. But the project — which marks Allen’s first TV show — hasn’t been smooth sailing for the director. Last year, Allen said that progress on the series had been “very, very difficult” and that he had “regretted every second since I said OK.”

He’s since elaborated on the tough production process to The Hollywood Reporter.

I thought, “I’ll sandwich this in between two films and knock it off. What’s the big deal? It’s television.” But over the years, television has made enormous strides, and wonderful things are being done on television. And I found as soon as I started to get into the project, I couldn’t bring myself to slough it off because this is not television of 50 years ago, where every silly thing was acceptable.

5. When it will premiere

Amazon Prime Instant Videos | Source: Amazon

Amazon Prime Instant Videos | Source: Amazon

Audiences will find out if Allen’s hard work paid off with the freshman season of Crisis in Six Scenes, which will consist of six half-hour episodes. The series will kick off on Amazon Prime on September 30. Allen has confirmed that this will be the only season of the show.

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