Is ‘Work It’ a Netflix Exclusive Movie? Here’s What We Know About Future Content Featuring These Characters

If you love to dance and a good rags to riches story, Netflix’s Work It is the perfect movie for you. Here’s what we know about the future of characters like Quinn Ackerman, Jake Taylor, and Jasmine. 

Sabrina Carpenter attends the premiere of 'Big Time Adolescence'
Sabrina Carpenter attends the premiere of ‘Big Time Adolescence’ | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

‘Work It’ is a Netflix original movie 

Netflix is back with a new original movie, Work It. This film featured one character, Quinn Ackerman, who dreams of attending her late father’s alma mater, Duke University. The problem? She may have exaggerated her interest in dance to the admissions counselor. 

As a result, this character has to scramble to get a team together for the Work It Dance Competition. The problem? She can’t dance. Like, at all. Thanks to the help of her best friend, an award-winning choreographer, and her rag-tag team, Quinn Ackerman discovers her passion for dance and her new place in the world.

This film features actors like Jordan Fisher, Liza Koshy, and Sabrina Carpenter

This movie featured a pretty eclectic cast, including comedian Liza Koshy, Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen actor Jordan Fisher, and Girl Meets World actor, Sabrina Carpenter. After a long run with Disney Channel, Sabrina Carpenter explained what drew her to this Netflix original movie during an interview with Elle Magazine

“I loved the character of Quinn and I wanted to do a dance movie for a really long time, because I grew up in Pennsylvania dancing five or six days a week,” Carpenter said. “That was a big part of my life when I was younger. Then I wasn’t doing as much of it, so when I got the script, I was like, it’s the best of both worlds.”

“The only thing is, I really dance poorly throughout most of the film, but that also became more of a challenge,” she continued. “Sometimes it was really great to be the one who had to dance poorly, and then other times, watching everyone killing it, I really wanted to be dancing better than I had to be. But it was an incredible experience.”

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There’s no word regarding when, or if, there will be a sequel to ‘Work It’

Will there be a Work It sequel? Will Jordan Fisher’s character return to dance with a new crew, despite his injury? Will Quinn Ackerman regret her decision to dance over attending Duke University? This original movie left fans with a few questions.

Unfortunately, there’s no word regarding future content premiering on the subscription service. Neither Netflix nor director Laura Terruso have announced any plans for a sequel. Not to worry, though, Netflix is pretty sporadic when it comes to sharing announcements. 

The streaming platform shared Kissing Booth 3 would join the streaming platform only a few days after the premiere of the second movie in the franchise. Until more is announced, fans can watch the original movie, Work It, exclusively on Netflix. 

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