The Worst Act Ever on ‘America’s Got Talent’

 America's Got Talent
The stage of America’s Got Talent | Source: NBC

America’s Got Talent is a huge talent show that lets people show off their skills in order to win a $1 million prize and a chance at performing in Las Vegas. There have been many contestants who took the chance and ended up making it big after America’s Got Talent. But not all acts are so lucky.

Many viewers watch the auditions part of the show because there are so many acts crashing and burning on stage. If all four judges press their buzzers then the act is forced off the stage. There have been many performances that got this treatment along with some acts who were allowed to finish their performance, but were booed by the audience. So what is the worst act we’ve ever seen on the show?

There are so many to choose from including comedians who completely bombed and singers who couldn’t hold a tune. But sometimes the worst acts also happen to be the weirdest. For example there was Grand Master Qi Feilong who auditioned in season nine.

The kung fu master and energy healer came on stage excited to show off his abilities. There was certainly a language barrier between him and the judges and when it came down to his talent it was pretty disappointing.

His first mission was to stop the clock on the number that someone picks. Nick Cannon ends up picking the number six, but the clock stops on the seven. Howard Stern immediately hits his buzzer showing that he was not impressed. However, Howie Mandel keeps the act going determined to find something redeemable.

The reason the kung fu master isn’t the show’s worst is because his performance does pick up. He ends up breaking sticks with a dollar bill and is able to handle getting kicked in the balls by our reality show host.


Instead the worst act we’ve seen on America’s Got Talent was an act that was barely a party trick. It fails so badly that you would be surprised that you could be disappointed in such a dumb mission. It’s also the worst act because the performer attempts to do this trick not once but twice on television.

We would like to reintroduce you to Ronald Farnham. He auditioned on season eight with his plunger throwing act. He throws plungers at shirtless men hoping they would stick. The act itself might have actually worked if it was funny. In fact, Howard Stern asks if it’s supposed to be. Instead Farnham says, “No, it’s to inspire people to take their talents and maybe find something they can do that they never thought of.”

When Farnham finally gets down to plunger-throwing business he fails terribly. His five shirtless helpers sadly take a beating by the plungers being thrown at their backs and even their heads. He is only able to get one to stick before the judges hit their buzzers. When asked what happened he responded that he needed more practice. Heidi and Mel both agreed that Howie Mandel would have loved the performance, but he wasn’t there.

The crazy thing is that this isn’t the only time Farnham went to television with this talent. He was also on Guinness World Records Gone Wild and believe it or not, Farnham wasn’t the first to ever do this stunt. There was already a record of someone throwing 15 plungers at people’s backs and having them stick within one minute. Farnham went on the show to try and beat that record, but it didn’t go as planned.

On the show it was revealed that Farnham used to work with the CIA. There, he was fixing a toilet with a plunger when a coworker dared him to get the plunger to stick to a window. Why he has continued with this stunt is still a mystery.

In the end only three plungers were able to stick. Throughout the performance you can see multiple shirtless men looking agitated from being repeatedly hit by flying plungers. Farnham was nowhere close to breaking the record.

To this day, the record is held by Gerhard Donie who was able to set the record on the Japanese television show, Torihada Scoop 100 SP #3. Before you feel too bad for Ronald Farnham, keep in mind that he is working on getting into the movie business. He has acted in a few shorts and has small roles in two movies coming out. So whether you’re the best or worst on the competition show, there is hope of making it afterwards.

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