‘The Voice’ Disasters: The 3 Worst Coaches

The Voice– praised for its mentorship approach to the reality competition genre – has seen its fair share of coaches since premiering in 2011. While many coaches have been assets to the aspiring performers, not everyone has been at the same caliber as Adam Levine or Blake Shelton.

The Voice Coaches
Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

When it comes to The Voice, several coaches just didn’t have what it takes to be a successful mentor. So, this list will highlight the three coaches that should have said no when the offer came their way.

3) Miley Cyrus: She was fun to watch, but was she effective?

While Miley Cyrus can instill entertainment value into anything she sets her mind to, amusement and star power just aren’t enough to seal the deal. Miley Cyrus grew notorious for pairing contestants in the battle rounds whom never should have been placed head-to-head. Her decisions often seemed to lack credible reasoning.

Cyrus frequently made song choices that many felt were completely misaligned with her team members’ vocal abilities and singing styles. Though an impressive recording artist who cared deeply about those on her team, Cyrus lacked the ability to reorient her skills in the ways the show demands.

Cyrus also made a bit of a fool out of herself when she let Chloe Kohanski out of her grip, as Blake Shelton went on to steal the contestant and carry her all the way to the winner’s circle.

2) Shakira: Her team members never made it very far

While we all enjoyed watching Shakira pick on her male counterparts on The Voice, this isn’t a good enough reason to keep her off of this list. Shakira joined The Voice in season four and was an energetic and enjoyable coach to watch.

Unfortunately, Shakira, while appearing to forge sincere relationships with her team members (and offering up the degree of heart that viewers yearn to see on reality competition shows of this nature), was unable to lead a single contestant into the finale.

In the end, success on this show is about how well you can pick them, and about how well you can mentor them. If you can’t bring a contestant to the end, you must not be bringing enough to the competition as a coach.

1) Jennifer Hudson: She made it about her

Jennifer Hudson is one of those singers who knows how to bring it when it comes to ballads. She boasts a mighty voice that can easily vibrate an entire auditorium and a vocal range that many would kill for.

It’s no surprise that she has been cast as Grizabella in Cats, and will be responsible for singing “Memory” in the 2019 movie reboot. However, while her singing prowess likely accounts for the casting directors’ decision to bring her on, it did not transfer well in terms of coaching.

Jennifer Hudson often sang over contestants and felt a bit too competitive for a show, that in the end, is about providing a platform for young performers to be seen, well, heard.  

From Jennifer Hudson to Miley Cyrus, some coaches on The Voice didn’t have the knack for teaching, or the ability to put the ego aside and effectively act as one piece of a successful panel.