‘Worst Cooks in America’ Fans Beg Alex and Anne to Team Up More

You’ll find Worst Cooks In America on the Food Network. The show’s premise is based on the idea that while America is full of people who don’t necessarily know their way around the kitchen, it’s possible that with some tutelage these people could become competent cooks.

The show’s creators also figured that the rest of the world would love to watch the progression. The show has enjoyed a twenty season run that has featured many ups and downs.

Over the years the show has featured an assortment of interesting personalities, cooking disasters, and fantastic recipes. One of the biggest ups the show has experienced is the pairing of Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli, who fans would love to see together more often.

What is ‘Worst Cooks in America’?

Chef Anne Burrell
Chef Anne Burrell | John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Reality television has two types of fans. The first are the viewers who love a good Cinderella story. They love watching someone who has no real skill or talent improve while also embracing a newly discovered facet of their lives. They love having someone to root for.

The other type of reality television fan is the one who loves watching people fail. Worst Cooks is a show that appeals to both types of reality television fans.

Worst Cooks debuted in 2010 and quickly became a hit for the Food Network. Twelve-to sixteen horrible cooks were selected to compete for a $25,000 cash prize. The show served as a cooking boot camp during which celebrity chefs with outlandish personalities worked with the contestants, attempting to hone their nonexistent culinary skills.

Each episode brought on new challenges. The season finale revolved around the contestants preparing an elaborate meal that is served to food critics who ultimately selected the winner. Each season is filled with laughter, tears, heartbreak, and triumph. It doesn’t take long for fans to pick their favorite contestant.

Celebrity chefs who have done mentoring stints on Worst Cooks

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Worst Cooks has done an excellent job of attracting celebrity chefs that are dynamic, entertaining, and easily recognizable. Over the years, fans have enjoyed watching both the contestants and hosts interact with the likes of Rachael Ray.

Fans not only fell in love with Alex, but they also fell in love with the instant chemistry she shared with the show’s host. Now fans are clamoring for more opportunities to see the pair together.

Why ‘Worst Cooks’ fans love Alex and Anne

Worst Cooks is hosted by Anne Burrell, a talented chef. This year she was joined by Alex Guarnaschelli who served as a mentor to season twenty’s competitors. Fans on Reddit loved the way these two dynamic women worked together and are currently begging the Food Network to explore additional ways the pair can team up, either on additional seasons of Worst Cooks or on completely new projects.

While each fan has their own reason for wanting to see these two work together more often, the majority of people state that in addition to loving the fun chemistry the pair shared, they were also genuinely impressed with Alex’s calm, enthusiastic, patient mentoring style that put contestants at ease, allowing them to showcase their unique personalities.

So far the Food Network hasn’t made any formal announcements stating whether fans will get their wish, there is every reason to believe that the network will make an effort to bring Anne and Alex together again. There is no way the network executives can ignore both fan mail and the fact that everyone agrees that the twentieth season of Worst Cooks was the best received season in the show’s long and illustrious history.