These Are the Worst TV Shows Ever Made

We’re living in what’s been called “the golden age of television,” but it hasn’t always been that way. The silver screen was the goal for most actors, and TV was the lesser platform. Now, famous movie stars are fighting to get recognition in the more personal world of the small-screen.

Of course, with progress comes missteps. Some of the most hated TV shows of all time were released in the last 10 years. This list is a compilation of series that span decades, genres, and distribution platforms. From cringe-worthy ‘90s sitcoms to the horrors of reality programming, these are 25 of the worst TV shows ever made, ranked by personal opinion.

25. Skins (U.S.) (2011)

Nine teenagers with their arms around each other on a couch in a dingy room

Cast of Skins (U.S.) | MTV via IMDb

America has a long tradition of taking things the British made (well) and making them terrible. OK, that’s not entirely true, but when it comes to adapting U.K. TV shows, Hollywood rarely gets it right. One such example is Skins. Based on the E4 series of the same name, Skins follows a group of rebellious teens engaging in very, well, teenage behaviors.

The original drama covered various topics like drug abuse, mental illness, and the exploration of sexuality, but from a youthful perspective. The show cast real teenagers, typically complete unknowns, and actually consulted and drew from the experiences of young writers. It was a huge success in the U.K., so they decided to adapt it for American audiences.

A few big mistakes were made here. First, the pilot was a shot-for-shot remake of the original’s. Going in a slightly different direction is how remakes actually succeed (see Shameless). This may have also solved the other major issue: Laws and attitudes are different in the U.S. Controversy over the show’s content was immediate and intense, and it ultimately wasn’t picked up for a second season.

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