Would Blac Chyna Ever Get Back Together With Rob Kardashian?

Blac Chyna did her first talk show to drop the news that she was getting her own reality show. Her debut interview was on The Wendy Williams Show. This was a big deal for both Williams and Blac Chyna since they have both been “hot topics” lately.

Not only did she get into some of the details of her upcoming docu-series, but she also talked about how she became famous, how she met Tyga and the Kardashians. She also spoke about her relationship with both of her exes, and which one she thinks is a better lover. Yeah, that happened!

For a long time, we have only gotten one side of the story. This was the first time we learned how all the Kardashian-Tyga drama started and how it affected Blac Chyna. Up until now we only got the Kardashian side of things and, of course, a lot of speculation. Here is everything we found out from her interview with Wendy Williams.

How Blac Chyna met Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna | Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

First, we should recap on how Blac Chyna became famous. Drake actually discovered her. What was her talent, you ask? Stripping. Drake found her in a strip club and put her in a video. Next, Tyga saw the video and wanted to meet her.

After meeting with him, she starred in his Rack City music video. One year after that, she gave birth to their son. He also proposed to her, and that is how they ended up moving into the same neighborhood as Kim Kardashian.

Chyna admitted that this was when she became intertwined with the Kardashian family, and when her relationship with Tyga hit its end.

After the breakup, Tyga basically kicked Chyna out and hooked up with Kylie who was 16 at the time. Once she was out of the Kardashian inner circle, that’s when Rob Kardashian started hitting her up. He messaged her through social media. Chyna said she thought Kylie and Kim were trying to “set her up” or trick her in some way, so she did not respond to Rob.

When she did finally decided to answer Rob, they made plans to meet up, and she says they hit it off immediately. She also admits that the relationship went really fast and it was Rob that wanted to try for a baby right away.

Who is a better lover Tyga or Kardashian?

When Wendy Williams asked Chyna who was a better lover, Rob or Tyga, it took the reality star by surprise.

“Who’s the better lover, Tyga or Robert? With all things considered, you’re a woman; it’s not all about the act, it’s about the feelings and the snack he gets you after,” Wendy said.

Chyna started laughing a little and then asked, “Can I choose neither?” Wendy didn’t let her off the hook, telling her she had to chose one. Finally, Chyna admitted, “Ah, I gotta pick one, better lover? Rob.”

Obviously, the audience was surprised, but so was Williams who thanked her for her honesty. That’s when they started talking about how the Kardashian’s felt about her dating the only boy in the family. Williams also wanted to know if Blac Chyna would ever get back together with Rob Kardashian.

Would Blac Chyna ever get back together with Rob Kardashian?

When Williams asked if she would ever get back together with Rob, she said no without any hesitation. She had already been through a lot with all the Kardashian’s; it is no surprise that she wouldn’t want to be in that situation again.

When asked if she wanted to get back into reality television, she said, “yes, but better.” This time will be different for her. She is going to be the star of her own show on called The Real Blac Chyna.