Would Captain Lee From ‘Below Deck’ Work With Rhylee Gerber Again?

Captain Lee Rosbach Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck has been pretty clear about which crew members he’d work with again. He has a “short list” of crew members who comprise what he considers to be his dream team. Of course chief stew, Kate Chastain tops that list, but Jamie Jason (who is dating former bosun Chander Brooks) and even stewardess Kat Held made the cut.

Rosbach also identified Chef Ben Robinson as being part of “Captain Lee’s Dream Team” plus he’d work with bosuns Kelley Johnson, Eddie Lucas, and Nico Scholly. But what about the current crew? Most likely he’d love to work with Chastain, second stew Josiah Carter, Chef Adrian Martin, deckhand Ashton Pienaar and bosun Ross Inia.

But what about deckhand Rhylee Gerber? Rosbach has recognized her talent but often seems exasperated with her temper. He’s blogged about her defiance and even got into a Twitter spat with the fiery redhead. So would he work with Gerber again? He recently set the record straight with Gerber.

This Twitter spat escalated quickly

Rosbach launched a tweet about the whole “check yourself” episode. “Sorey Laura, but her doing your job is not her job. Really, and @rhylee_gerber you stating that @Kate_Chastain is bitchy is like the pot calling the kettle black. Really?”

Of course, Gerber was not going to let that go. “Oh, you’re saying she isn’t?!? Lord Capt…let’s be real!” Rosbach shot back, “@rhylee_gerber is this a conversation you really want to have. You have brought a knife to a gun fight. Sorry, oh, did I misspell that? Who have you not been bitchy with? Myself excluded.” Meanwhile, Chastain tries to defuse the situation with some comedy, “I’m certainly as bitchy as this tweet is.”

And Rosbach has admonished Gerber for her temper

Rosbach summed up his observations in his “Captain’s Log” blog. “Is there anyone that you are not going to be aggressive with on this boat? You weren’t unhappy to see Chandler go and you never had any problem with telling him off so I’m not sure why you told him you were sorry to see him leave.”

He also couldn’t believe Gerber got into it with Martin in the van after a fun evening out. “Then before you even get out of the van, you get confrontational with Adrian, what was up with that? Then to top it off, you get into it with Ross, who has been nothing but sympathetic to your plight.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t around to hear that or you and I would have had a come to Jesus meeting.”

Later in the season Rosbach even wrote, “This girl is going to be the death of me. What I am seeing as opposed to what I thought was happening could not be more different. What are you thinking when you talk to your boss and say STFU while I’m speaking? That is not acceptable in any situation. You were so far out of your lane it’s unbelievable.”

So would Rosbach work with Gerber again?

She has it there in black and white: yes. Gerber and Carter recently joined Rosbach in South Florida for a book signing. And Rosbach wrote in Gerber’s book, “I would work with you again.”

Gerber proudly flashed the image on social media (as proof). Showing that although they’ve had their differences, Rosbach would still count Gerber as part of his inner circle.

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