Would Farrah Abraham Re-Join The ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise If She Was Given The Opportunity?

There is no Teen Mom drama without the OG mom herself, Farrah Abraham.

The reality star has been causing a ton of controversy since her departure from the show, but you have to admit that her time on the hit series was filled with the most entertaining drama.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Whether you loved seeing her on Teen Mom or not, Farrah Abraham will always have a soft spot for the show that made her career.

Farrah was forced to quit the series

When it comes to the ongoing drama the young mothers on Teen Mom face on a daily basis, no one can top Farrah Abraham as being the most dramatic.

Her first episode on 16 and Pregnant alone was one of the most dramatic episodes ever.

She went from crashing her car, to fighting with her parents and friends, to trying to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Anyone who watched Farrah’s journey on the show after that just knew she would be a handful and that turned out to be true.

After nearly a decade working with MTV and the Teen Mom franchise, Farrah Abraham was forced to quit Teen Mom OG not only for her bad behavior but also because she wanted to pursue a career in adult entertainment.

MTV and the show’s producers were extremely against Farrah’s career move and she initially agreed to not be part of anymore “adult videos.”

Instead of taking part in adult entertainment, the reality star resorted to webcam videos, which in producers’ eyes, was equally inappropriate.

The show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, sat down with Farrah during an episode and explained to her that if she continued to participate in the adult entertainment industry, she would no longer be part of the show.

“You can choose to do whatever you want; nobody is here to cast judgment on anything. But if you choose to work in the adult industry, we can’t continue to film you for Teen Mom,” Freeman said.

Farrah Abraham eventually let producers know of her decision to continue doing adult entertainment and her run with MTV finally came to an end.

She’s open to joining the cast again

Many of us are still not sure if Farrah Abraham was fired from the show of if she just quit?

Either way, the reality star chose her dreams over her career with MTV and is proud of herself for following her heart.

Though she was not included in the Teen Mom OG reunion taping and will most likely not be asked to be part of anything that has to do with the franchise, Farrah is still open to re-join the cast in the future.

The reality star actually misses being part of Teen Mom and is open to returning to the show despite the low ratings and feuds with her co-stars.

“I really miss it,” she told Radar Online. “I’m not digging the low ratings and people leaving the show, so I really feel like if I come back I want it to be positive. I really hope I could bring it back. If they ever need me, I’m back here.”

Though the opportunity will most likely never turn up, Farrah Abraham is keeping hope alive and will always be there if Teen Mom ever needs her.