Would Kendall Jenner Ever Move to Wyoming?

Kendall Jenner is the epitome of a California girl, born and raised in the affluent suburb of Calabasas, California. She became famous on the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and has become one of the most popular models in the world. Jenner is often associated with the finer things in life, including exclusive designer labels and the most expensive clothes. Still, as Jenner recently revealed in an interview, she actually envisions herself living in a surprisingly rustic location. 

Where would Kendall Jenner choose to live?

For most of her life, Kendall Jenner has been based in California, close to other members of her family. She has traveled all over the world during her tenure as a model, spending weeks at a time in locations like Paris, Italy, and London. However, one of her favorite places is actually really close-to-home.

In a recent interview with Garage, Jenner revealed a few lesser-known facts about herself. Some of these included her favorite scent (vanilla) and her favorite type of food (Thanksgiving and holiday dishes). When asked where she would choose to live for a year, Jenner responded, “Wyoming.” While her answer certainly surprised many fans, Jenner’s family has a strong connection to the state of Wyoming.

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The Kardashian family’s connection to Wyoming

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In 2019, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West expanded their empire by purchasing two massive pieces of property in Wyoming. In September 2019, West bought a ranch called Monster Lake Ranch, a $14 million piece of land located just outside of Cody, Wyoming. Then, only a couple months later, West purchased another ranch, known as Bighorn Mountain Ranch. With multiple different buildings on both properties, including buildings for lodging, private helicopter pads, and horse stables, the properties are truly fit for show-business royalty.

West and his family have been using the properties for rest, relaxation, and writing music. There have also been reports that West plans to eventually develop the ranches to use for his Sunday Services. While neither Kanye West nor his wife lives there full-time, they take periodic getaways to the land to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere.

Could Kendall Jenner move to Wyoming in the future?

Kendall Jenner visited the state of Wyoming about the same time her sister and brother-in-law set up shop there. In season fifteen of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner and some of her family took a trip to Wyoming. While there was definitely some drama that went down during the trip, like Kylie Jenner pulling out of the trip at the last minute, it seems as though Kendall Jenner took a shine to the landscape, and to the more relaxed, rustic atmosphere. 

In her interview with Garage Magazine, Jenner didn’t reveal if she had plans to move to Wyoming in the future. It seems unlikely that she would ever set up residence there full-time. Similar to her sister, Kim Kardashian West, Jenner’s whole life is based out of California. Still, having family in Wyoming gives Jenner great reason to escape there whenever she needs to enjoy a less-stressful existence.