Would Kyle Richards from ‘RHOBH’ like Kathy Hilton to Join the Show?

Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn’t said much about the rumors her sister Kathy Hilton could join the show.

A photo of producer Andy Cohen and Hilton sparked a whirlwind of rumors that Hilton was quickly signed following Lisa Vanderpump’s departure. But since the photo surfaced, Cohen publicly addressed the photo’s origin, plus affirmed that Hilton was not signed to join the show.

Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards |Photo by Rachel Murray/WireImage

But if she were to become a cast member, how would Richards feel about having her in the mix? Richards shared her thoughts during an appearance on the Watch What Happens Live After Show.

And Hilton would make three

Richards reminded viewers that her sister Kim was previously on the show. Kim Richards appeared in the pilot plus remained for four more seasons. She eventually became a “guest” throughout the franchise.

While Richards claimed she liked having her sister on the show, the women were often at odds. Kim struggled with addiction, which was painfully brought to light during the first season. The two battled on and off for the remainder of their time together on the show. Today, they seem to be in a good place, but Kim is no longer tied to the show.

Hilton and her Real Housewives sister were also estranged for a while. Hilton was upset when Richards created television series, American Woman. She didn’t like that Richards shared the family’s personal life on television, although Richards insists the show leaned toward inspiring the show rather than an actual portrayal. They too have since made up.

So would Richards want another sister on the show?

A caller asked Richards if she’d like to have Hilton on RHOBH during the WWHL After Show. “I mean…I’d be happy to have my sister,” Richards began. “I’ve had one sister on, so why not have another sister on?”

Then Richards shares some insight into Hilton’s personality that proves she would make a great Housewife too. “My sister Kathy is actually…people don’t know this,” she started. “She’s one of the funniest there is. She’s a practical joker and she’s very, very funny. So I think she’d be an amazing Housewife actually.”

Before her appearance on WWHL, Richards has been pretty quiet about the rumors Hilton could join the show. She included an emoji or “OMG” to posts about Hilton being cast, but hasn’t said much about the possibility until now.

Does Hilton even want to join the show?

Although it is hard to tell if Hilton wants to be on RHOBH, her funny bone was on full display when rumors sparked. She featured a video on her Instagram where she is hacking away at a man’s head of hair.

She captioned the video with a funny comment too. “Rumors of me joining the Beverly Hills Housewives would interfere with my real job of cutting hair.”

Several cast members commented on the video, including Richards. But Cohen again reaffirmed during the WWHL After Show Hilton was not signed. The photo, posted by Bruce Bozzi, was a chance encounter and Bozzi was just being playful.