Would Meghan Markle Be More Popular If It Wasn’t for Racism?

There’s no doubt that Meghan Markle has not had an easy transition into the royal family. From the very beginning, when she was revealed to be dating Prince Harry in late 2016, the actress has been attacked by the media for various reasons.

While Markle (and most of the royal family) has remained silent about the negative treatment that she has received in the press, some critics are starting to speak out, offering in-depth analysis of why Markle hasn’t achieved the popularity of Kate Middleton or even her husband, Prince Harry. 

Why isn’t Meghan Markle popular with people?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

There are a plethora of reasons why Markle’s popularity hasn’t taken off with the public and press. However, most of the reasons can’t be attributed to actual fact. When it comes to Markle’s image, most of what the public knows is taken from rumors and gossip from unnamed sources. Still, the rumors have done their damage, and she consistently ranks at the bottom of the list of most popular royals — even below Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. 

Sources have gone on record to state that Markle behaves like a diva, and that she’s been responsible for regular staff changes in the royal family’s inner circle. Her reported difficult behavior earned her the nickname “Duchess Difficult,” and even though some of Markle’s friends have spoken out to disprove the rumor that she’s a diva, it hasn’t changed the perception of her behavior and personality. In addition, many royal watchers seem to believe that she “runs the show” when it comes to Prince Harry and that she controls his every move. 

Could racism be affecting the public’s perception of Meghan Markle?

There could be even more to Markle’s depiction in the press than what’s being publicized. In a recent interview, diversity campaigner Nova Reid discussed the underlying racism with Markle’s media treatment. Reid states that some of the coded language used to describe Markle, including “narcissistic” and “exotic,” speaks to the racism that still exists in the country.

She claims that the press’ biases come out in the way that they write about Markle and that if the narrative about Duchess Meghan is to change, reporters and media personnel will have to address their own “inherent biases.”

This isn’t the first time that the issue of racism has been brought up in regards to Markle. In fact, Prince Harry himself even spoke out against the “underlying racism” in the way that the media treated Markle shortly after their relationship was revealed. His unprecedented statement indicated not only that he was concerned about Markle’s personal safety, but the way she was being portrayed in the press as well. 

Will Meghan Markle eventually become more popular?

It is possible that the narrative surrounding Markle could change. After all, she is a mother now, and potentially as Archie Harrison grows older, Markle could enjoy a nicer treatment from the press. 

One thing’s for sure: Markle is beloved by family and friends. It has been reported that Markle is very close with certain high-ranking members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. It was Prince Charles who walked Markle partially down the aisle at her wedding, symbolizing how proud and happy he was to welcome Markle into their family.

She also shares a very tight bond with her mother, Doria Ragland. Finally, and probably most importantly, she has her husband, Prince Harry, and their young son. No matter what troubles the media might inflict on Markle, she will always have these people to turn to for love and support.