Would Meghan Markle Make a Good Queen?

It has been quite an exciting few years for Meghan Markle. She fell in love with and married Prince Harry, and now the couple is set to welcome their first child. Meghan is certainly living the fairy tale life, and fans everywhere can barely contain their happiness for the new duchess and soon-to-be mother.

Although she is married to a prince, Harry does not fall in the direct line of succession to the British throne. In fact, he is currently sixth in line, and if Prince William and Kate Middleton have more children, he will be pushed back further. This means the chances of Harry ever becoming king are pretty slim.

Even though we will probably never see Harry become the ruling monarch, we can’t help but wonder if Meghan Markle herself would make a good queen.

Meghan would actually be a queen consort

Fans of the royal family know that in the unlikely event that Meghan became queen, she would be what is known as a queen consort. This simply means that she is married to the king, and she herself is not the ruling monarch.

The next in line to take the throne, however, is Prince Charles. After that, Prince William will be king, followed by his son, Prince George. In order to be the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom, a family member must be a direct descendant of the current king or queen.

Would fans want Meghan to be queen?

There probably would be very few, if any, fans who would be disappointed at the idea of Meghan Markle becoming queen. She has a wonderful personality, and is a genuinely good person, making her perfect for the role.

Meghan connects extremely well with members of the public, and she is loved by many around the world. Being queen seems like something that would come naturally to Meghan, and we can only imagine that she would be pretty good at it.

How would Meghan feel about being queen?

Chances are, Meghan doesn’t give much thought to the idea of becoming queen. She knows that in order for this to happen, she and her husband would have to see the death of not only Queen Elizabeth II, but also Prince Charles, Prince William, and all of the Cambridge children.

It is only then that Prince Harry would have to take on the royal duty of being king, something that he doesn’t even want to do. 

Why doesn’t Harry want to be king?

Although Harry is a senior royal, becoming king is not something that he wishes to do. The Duke of Sussex enjoys a more simple life, which is one of the reasons that he and Meghan moved to Windsor. They wanted to be out of the busy city of London and raise their baby in a quieter setting.

If he were to become king, Harry knows that his life would suddenly be closely scrutinized, and he would constantly be in the spotlight, leaving him with virtually no privacy whatsoever. 

Would Meghan make a good queen?

Despite the fact that her husband does not want the throne, and chances are it will not happen anyway, we do have to say that Meghan would make an excellent queen.

She already takes her royal duties very seriously, and as queen, she would most likely take the opportunity to reach out to as many people around the world as possible, spreading joy and doing wonderful things for the benefit of everyone.

Meghan would simply shine if she were queen, and it is something that she would do with the same style and grace that her fans already love her for.