Would Prince Harry Make a Good King?

The British line of succession is a little complicated. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch to date, and Prince Charles is next in line to become king. Whenever a new member of the British royal family takes the throne, it is somewhat bittersweet.

While it does mark a new and exciting era, it happens at a rather sad time, as the previous beloved monarch has passed away. At one point, Prince Harry was third in line, directly after his older brother, Prince William. The birth of William and Kate Middleton’s kids have pushed him back to sixth place, and should they have more children in the future, he will be pushed back even further.

As anyone can see, it is highly unlikely that Harry will ever be king. Even so, we can’t help but wonder: would the fun-loving prince make a good monarch?

Harry is caring and compassionate

Known as being the most mischievous royal ever since he was a small child, Harry is still as caring and compassionate as a person could be. He has a soft spot for children, and always manages to make kids of all ages laugh and smile whenever he greets the members of the public.

As the founder of the Invictus Games, a popular event in which sick or injured armed services personnel are able to participate in sports such as indoor rowing and powerlifting, Harry has more than proven that he has compassion for people all around the world.

He has a great personality

Prince Harry is the type of person who can get along with anyone, an important quality for any king or queen to possess.

He is lighthearted, genuine, and honest, and truly the type of person that makes an amazing friend. In addition, the Duke of Sussex is an excellent speaker, he is intelligent, and he enjoys being in the company of others. All of this makes for one spectacular personality.

Harry is caring toward others

Harry knows that there are so many people in the world who need a person that cares for them. Despite all of the royal duties that he performs, he is never too busy to be there for someone in need.

Just like his mother, Princess Diana, Harry is always willing to spread his love to other people, whether they be ill, physically injured, or just need someone to be there for them. This is just one of the traits that Harry possesses that would come in handy if he were king.

Prince Harry enjoys a simple life

He may have been born into royalty, but that doesn’t mean that Harry doesn’t have the same experiences as the commoners who look up to him.

Princess Diana was adamant about teaching her sons all about living the simple life, and Harry is no stranger to standing in line for fast food, waiting to enjoy rides at amusement parks, and also grocery shopping for himself. The prince likes to be able to relate to the lifestyle of others, so although there may be some people who envision him being waited on hand and foot, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Would Harry make a good king?

He absolutely would! While chances are extremely slim that Harry will ever be king, it is a role that would be perfect for him. He has all of the attributes that the people of the United Kingdom would want in a ruling monarch. The world doesn’t have to worry, though, because there are three future kings who will be just as wonderful as Harry himself would be.

Prince Charles, Prince William, and little Prince George will all have the honor of taking the throne someday, and even though Harry most likely won’t, he will always remain one of our favorite royals.