Would Prince Harry Really Go to His Ex’s Wedding Without Meghan Markle?

Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are enjoying true love and the royal wedded bliss with the addition of baby Archie Harrison, memories of Harry’s exes seem like ancient history. However, 30-year-old actress and former paramour of Harry’s, Cressida Bonas, remains in the public eye.

She ended her two-year relationship with 34-year-old Harry back in 2014, but the two have reportedly stayed pretty good friends. Bonas even attended Harry and Markle’s wedding back in 2018, and she may send a wedding invite of her own their way.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Cressida Bonas recently got engaged

While it may not be the royal tiara that many thought they’d eventually see her wear, Bonas has recently been seen sporting a fancy new piece of hardware — a stunning engagement ring with a bevy of red and white stones surrounding a larger stone in the center.

Believe it or not, Bonas is actually engaged to another Harry, though this one isn’t a royal. Instead, he is Cressida’s long-term boyfriend, a property developer named Harry Wentworth-Stanley whom Bonas met when they were both attending the University of Leeds.

Though she was only with Prince Harry for a couple of years, their relationship seemed pretty serious and many thought Bonas would end up marrying Harry. However, the “It” girl, model, and actress reportedly couldn’t handle the spotlight that comes with being part of the royal family. The two parted, maintaining a friendship in the process. It’s good to see her happy with someone more her speed, especially now that Harry is with Markle.

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Bonas is reportedly planning on inviting Harry and Markle to the wedding

As The Sun recently reported, Harry will almost undoubtedly get an invite to Bonas’ wedding. It stands to reason that Bonas will follow polite decorum and invite Markle as well. This is all the truer given that Bonas was invited to Harry and Markle’s wedding, so custom would suggest they get an invite in return. In fact, a source told Cosmopolitan that while invites haven’t gone out yet, Harry and Meghan will definitely be invited, especially now that Markle and Bonas have gotten to know each other a little bit.

Will Harry and Markle both accept the invite?

Since there have been reports Markle is less than comfortable with Harry’s exes, Bonas’ announcement has created some speculation among royal watchers as to whether Markle will attend the wedding. So will he go at all and, if Markle opts not to, will Harry attend without her?

A royal insider named Adam Heliker seems pretty certain Harry will definitely attend, because not only has he “remained on very good terms with Cressida, who has never said a word in public about her relationship to the prince” but also because “Harry is…very friendly with the bridegroom’s mother, Clare Milford Haven.”

So if Harry is definitely going, does that mean Markle will be going as well? Hard to say for certain, but it seems unlikely that Harry would go without her considering the two don’t even like dining apart at formal dinners and have been known to engage in a little too much PDA.

It may be a different ex who doesn’t exactly sit well with Markle

Some of the speculations about why Markle may not attend could be misguided since it is unlikely Bonas is the ex Markle is actually uncomfortable around. In actuality, if there is any ex of Harry’s that Markle isn’t totally thrilled about, it’s more likely to be Chelsy Davy. Harry dated her for seven years on and off and she was reportedly his first love, so it’s understandable that Markle would be less than thrilled with having her around.

For instance, insiders mentioned that Markle went out of her way to ensure that Davy was kept off the guest list for an after-wedding reception. Markle appears to have much less of an issue with Bonas, so it seems unlikely that she would skip being by her husband’s side on Bonas’ big day.