Would Princess Diana Have Approved of Prince William and Prince Harry Splitting Their Royal Households?

Princess Diana, sadly, didn’t live long enough to see her children grow up. She died in a car accident in 1997, and Prince William and Prince Harry had a very hard time moving on from her loss. Growing up, the boys always stuck by each other’s side. They were the only two who understood what it was like to go through something so personal with the whole world watching. Now that they’re older, they’ve taken separate paths, which included dividing their royal households. Would Diana have approved of this move?

Harry and William were each other’s best friend growing up

After everything Harry and William went through at a young age, they were the only two who fully understood each other. They had lived through their parents’ messy divorce after their father, Prince Charles, was found to be having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Then, they lived through losing their mother when they were hardly teenagers. Plus, they lived through growing up as royals, which meant everyone in the world was watching their every move. As a result, they grew into very close friends. And when Harry was having a hard time coming to terms with royalty as a young adult, he confided in William.

There were rumors the two men were feuding

Recently, there have been rumors that William and Harry no longer have a good relationship. Supposedly, things started to spiral when Harry announced after only about a year that he wanted to marry Meghan Markle. William, who had waited nearly six years before proposing to Kate Middleton, was reportedly worried that Harry was rushing into his relationship and asked him not to do it. Since then, things haven’t been as good between William and Harry as they once were. However, these rumors have never been proven, and William looked extremely proud to be standing by Harry’s side when he married Meghan last May.

The brothers likely only divided their royal household because of royal status

When the two announced last year that they would divide their royal households, everyone assumed it was because they were no longer on speaking terms. Actually, it was more likely because as they age, their royal duties are becoming more and more different. William is a future king, which means his royal duties will only get more serious as time goes on. As Harry moves further away from the throne, his duties will become very different from William’s. It makes sense that they would split the households, and it probably had nothing to do with their relationship.

Diana would approve, as long as the brothers are still close

Though Diana isn’t around to watch her sons grow, she would likely approve of their division of the households. Diana understood what it was like to be a royal and that different royals had different responsibilities. As long as her sons still have a strong relationship, she wouldn’t mind that they had to go in different directions per their royal status. The only thing Diana would care about is that both of her sons are happy and that the two of them still have a strong relationship.