Would Queen Elizabeth Approve of Prince Charles Appearing in the New Bond Movie?

They say some people get their starts later in life. That may just be the case when it comes to Prince Charles and his acting career. The Prince of Wales and future heir to the throne recently stopped by the set of James Bond as patron of the British Film Institute.

It appears he made an impression because now, rumor has it that his royal highness is being beckoned for a role in the next James Bond film. While the royal family is no stranger to rumors, this one appears to actually have some merit to it. But it begs to question: “Would the queen approve of Prince Charles appearing in the new bond movie?”

Prince Charles recently visited the set of 007

Prince Charles | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool /Getty Images

Prince Charles visited the set of the new James Bond film on June 20, 2019. The visit was relatively quiet with not much to report. That was, until recently. 

While on set, Prince Charles took pictures with Daniel Craig in front of a few of the movie’s most noteworthy automobiles. He also made sure to get in a few jokes about some of the struggles the movie has had to deal with since it began filming. Referencing an on-set explosion that happened early on in filming, the Prince of Wales joked: “You haven’t had any more things blowing up recently?”

Since then, multiple sources have reported that producers have their eyes on the future king to make an appearance in the 25th installment of the popular franchise. The movie, which will be the last for star Craig, is set to be released April 2020. No details have been released about what type of role the prince is being considered for. 

The queen appears to be a Bond fan as well

If Prince Charles does sign on to make an appearance in the film, it wouldn’t be the first time a member of the royal family stood alongside 007. The Queen of England herself made a brief appearance in a promo for the 2012 summer Olympics, which were held in London. 

While the promo only lasted approximately six minutes, it was quite memorable. The clip, which welcomed audiences to the summer games, included appearances from the queen’s corgis and even featured the queen jumping out of a helicopter, by means of a stunt double. It ended with the famous 007 music and the queen making a grand entrance at the games. 

Would the queen approve of Prince Charles appearing in 007?

There’s no way to say for certain whether the queen would approve of her son appearing in the next James Bond film. After all, the royal family is quite particular in keeping up appearances. But given the queen’s own history with the Bond franchise, it’s hard to imagine that the family would associate a negative connection with such an appearance. 

However, there are a few factors that may make things different this time around. The queen’s appearance was not to promote a movie or even appear in one. Rather, it was to promote an event that would receive worldwide attention. The games were opened by Queen Elizabeth, so she held a prominent role at the event. 

But then again, the queen is not the only one to dabble in acting. Both Prince Harry and Prince William shot cameos for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but their parts never made the final cut. So it seems that the queen wouldn’t have any problems with Prince Charles taking the role. But even if the queen approves, that doesn’t mean it is something that the Prince of Wales himself wants to do. If the prince turns down the role, rumor has it that the part will be offered to Prince Harry or Prince William.