Would Queen Elizabeth Ban Meghan Markle From Voting in the 2020 Election?

Everyone knows the royal family has some serious rules to follow. From what to wear to how to greet someone to certain beauty rules they must follow.

There are some rules the queen has loosened up on over the years, though, so maybe an exception can be made for some of the rules Meghan Markle is breaking? The queen does seem to go easier on her, or at least secretly admire her for breaking the rules from time to time.

But what does this mean for the rule about not getting involved in politics? 

Meghan Markle at Westminster abbey
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Meghan Markle is a US citizen

Markle is a US citizen, and when it comes to politics, she’s been known to voice her opinion in the past. But now, as a member of the royal family, she has a new set of rules to follow. There’s even some speculation she’ll eventually have to give up her right to her US citizenship to become a British citizen.

For now, though, with the 2020 election nearing, she has the right to vote in the US election, even if she’s all the way in Britain. 

She’s given up a lot already

As a former actress, Markle is worth quite a bit of money. It’s not quite as much as other royal family members, but she holds her own. She’s given up a lot to be married to Prince Harry, including her career, her personal social media channels, and some of her vocal ways.

She still manages to be outspoken when she can, though, and Harry breaks this rule, too. So would the queen really silence her right to vote by banning her from the next US election? It’s possible. 

Why none of it matters

Because Markle is now a member of the royal family, she does have to follow the rules set forth by the queen. These include long-standing ones from years past that don’t always make sense now.

It doesn’t matter how much she’s worth, what her past job was, or how much she’s had to give up. And many would say she knew what she was getting into. But that doesn’t make it easier on her. 

Why the queen might stop her from voting

As the head of state, the queen has to stay completely neutral on political matters. She herself can’t vote or stand for election, although she does fulfill important ceremonial roles in the UK government.

The official websites of the monarchy and the UK Parliament are clear on the rules, though, and although not prohibited by law, it’s considered unconstitutional for any monarch to vote in an election.

You won’t catch the queen making any type of public statement regarding anything political in nature outside the palace walls. 

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have influence, though. She gets her say on important matters via meetings with the prime minister, and she’s known to use her power in the most subtle way when it comes to influencing matters. And while the members of the royal family aren’t bound to the same formal restrictions that she is, they do have similar rules to follow.

Both Prince Charles and Prince William remain mum on their political stances but also use their subtle ways to get their feelings across. Even Kate Middleton follows this unwritten rule, like when she opted out of wearing a black dress as a show of support for the Time’s Up movement.

Why Markle might still get to vote

Even though she’s now a royal, Markel could still get to vote. The queen is fond of her, and she is still a US citizen, after all. But, it might be the last election she votes in.

To keep the British public happy, her royal family free from any speculation or criticism, and herself out of the tabloids, Markle may just sit this one out.

Only time will tell — and so will we, so stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates.