Would Tori Spelling Make a Good ‘Real Housewife’?

Tori Spelling is best known for her work in the 1990s on the hit sitcom Beverly Hills 90210. With a reboot of the show in the works, Spelling’s been making the rounds for promotion on many talk show segments.

In one of these, Spelling revealed that she was a “little bit” offended that she had not been asked to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Why would Spelling want this role, and would she be good at it? Let’s find out. 

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Spelling wants to be on the show 

In a talk with Andy Cohen, Spelling revealed her desire to be on RHOBH. She also revealed that Jennie Garth, who was on the segment with her and is Spelling’s castmate on 90210, was asked to participate in the past.

When Cohen asks her if Spelling is friends with any of the most recent cast members of RHOBH, Spelling lists three of the women starring in Season 9: Kyle Richards, Lisa (both Rinna and Vanderpump were on the most recent season of the show—it’s unclear which one Spelling means), and newcomer Denise Richards. 

Spelling may just be looking for steady work

Maybe Spelling simply wants a chance to shine and show off her life with her friends, but many have speculated that her actual motivation for seeking out a role on the show is financial. Spelling is from a famous family and was heir to an alleged fortune, but her tense relationship with her mother apparently got her cut off from that funding. 

Rumors have been swirling that Spelling is broke and struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps catapulting from the coverage of the 90210 remake into something as well-loved as RHOBH would be enough to set the star back on course. 

There is an opening in the cast

Of course, decisions about who is on the show aren’t made based on who needs the money. The series is about showcasing the most interesting professional and private lives of the “housewives.”

The Bravo show is in its ninth season and has seen many shakeups in the cast over the years. The current iteration added Denise Richards to six other veteran stars. 

Casting for Season 10 is shaping up to be juicy. When Lisa Vanderpump quit the show mid-season, she apparently made a few enemies with Vanderpump going as far as to imply Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, and Teddi Mellencamp should be ousted

The Season 10 lineup is not yet confirmed, but Denise Richards is expected to return, and Bravo is actively looking for a replacement for Vanderpump. Could Spelling fill the role? 

Spelling’s life would make for good TV

Spelling’s personal life is definitely interesting enough to make for good TV. She and her husband Dean McDermott have five children together, and the mom frequently takes to social media to share glimpses of her life as a parent.

Spelling and McDermott have also gone through some struggles in their marriage. Following McDermott’s infidelity in 2013 and police calls to check on Spelling in 2018, the pair have worked on their marriage through counseling. 

Of course, that’s not the only source of drama in Spelling’s life. Her troubled relationship with her mother and their attempts to work through their past difficulties would also make for interesting on-screen drama.

Finally, there’s the nostalgic element of Spelling having played such a pivotal role on 90210 at a time when many RHOBH viewers were just kids. 

Altogether, Spelling’s family squabbles and her road to reconciliation and repairing relationships could make for a compelling narrative that could help fill the gap in the show’s cast. As the Season 10 planning takes shape, we’ll have to keep an eye out and see if Spelling’s name makes the cut.