Would Whoopi Goldberg Leaving Mean the End of ‘The View’?

After 22 years, you start to wonder if anything can kill a TV show. Over that exact time, ABC’s The View has seen its share of adversity. The end of the Barbara Walters era — complete with Jenny McCarthy and the second coming of Rosie O’Donnell — definitely falls in that category.

But the revamped View lineup featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the daughters of two famous Republican politicians stabilized the show. These days, a good day in the ratings means nearly 3 million viewers and a strong showing among younger viewers.

Yet the show is far from fail-safe. When Whoopi missed over a month due to her serious illness, you saw how missing a strong moderator meant a drop in content quality. If The View lost her altogether, you’d have to wonder if it could survive.

For Ramin Setoodeh, the author of the tell-all Ladies Who Punch, the loss of Whoopi would cast doubt on the very future of the show.

The ‘Ladies Who Punch’ author questioned whether the show could go on without Whoopi.

“The View” kicked off Season 21 with a celebration of Whoopi’s 10th Anniversary with the show on September 5, 2017. | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Speaking with Too Fab upon the publication of Ladies Who Punch, Setoodeh described what Whoopi’s meant to The View over the years — and continues to mean to the show today. He called her “one of the keyholders of the franchise.” The other two were Rosie and Walters.

Setoodeh said he first conceived of Ladies Who Punch as a book following the return of Rosie in 2014. When she left after some jarring clashes with Whoopi, that set up her run as the moderator and focal point of the show post-Walters.

But it also made Setoodeh wonder if The View could survive with a lineup that didn’t include the Oscar- and Grammy-winning star. He referenced the last time Whoopi considered leaving and the scramble to replace her.

“I think if Whoopi does leave, it dramatically changes the show,”
he told Too Fab. “I think there will be questions about the future of The View because [it] is so closely associated with her.” Yet he doesn’t necessarily see that happening.

Setoodeh said he saw ‘The View’ proceeding with Joy and Whoopi through 2020.

Whoopi Goldberg speaks with the cast of the hit, “Ain’t Too Proud: The Temptations Musical” at The Imperial Theatre on April 17, 2019 in New York. | Bruce Glikas/WireImage

What would the 2020 election be like without The View? However that played out, it would definitely be different. Candidates from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg already made stops at the table to discuss their candidacies.

The place of The View in the current political scene isn’t lost on Whoopi or Joy. When Whoopi considered leaving in 2017, her daughter convinced her to stay aboard because she “needed to be a part of this conversation.” In brief, it would be odd to see either mainstay not back this fall.

After completing his interviews for Ladies Who Punch (three years’ worth), Setoodeh walked away convinced both would be back through the next election. “Joy and Whoopi are staying through the 2020 election, is what my reporting indicated,” he told Too Fab. “Joy, I think, told me that directly.”

For fans of The View, that means at least a few more years of the hit show. We’ll see what happens if Whoopi decides to walk away then.

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