15 Famous Celebrities Who Have Been Busted with Drugs at the Airport

Everyone knows that the airport is no place for foolishness. With strict regulations and a ton of TSA workers swirling around, everyone typically tries to be on their best behavior, at least until they’re actually in the air. To keep the skies as friendly as possible, and prevent any more terrorist attacks in the future, the United States government has placed strict regulations on what you can and cannot bring on board an aircraft.

Weapons, drugs and other objects are pretty much banned, and most people tend to abide by the rules. However, some celebrities forget where they’re at when they fly. These 15 celebrities were busted a the airport for drug possession.

1. Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santa | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

  • Drug of choice: marijuana 

You probably know Carlos Santana as the legendary older gentleman who gave us classic hits like “Maria, Maria.” However, in the ’90s before there was as much regulation in airports, Santana was at the height of his fame and living his best life.

Unfortunately, this led to a pretty absurd choice. In 1991, the Latin musician tried to slide through the Houston airport with five grams of marijuana on him. It doesn’t seem like the worst crime ever, but the singer was still put on probation. He also had to sing at an anti-drug rally as a part of his deal.

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