‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’: The 1 Storyline That Will Leave Us Shook!


Jean Grey and Cyclops look ahead in shock while smoke billows behind them

Fans are speculating that Jean could get kidnapped. | Fox

Since Kinberg doesn’t seem to be aiming for space, we could see a Dark Phoenix that is centered around Genosha, the island off the coast of Eastern Africa. In the comics, some of the mutants end up on Genosha, thinking that they’re about to have a luxurious vacation. Unfortunately, Genosha — which is one of the richest countries in the world in Marvel canon — is actually powered by mutant slaves. The mutants find themselves imprisoned there until Magneto starts a Civil War and takes the country over for himself.

If Jean is among the kidnapped, the Dark Phoenix could be triggered and unleashed when she is put through the mutate process in Genosha.

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