X-Men: Fans Can’t Stand This ‘More Inclusive’ Change the MCU Reboot Might Make

Unlike most Marvel heroes, the X-Men have a long history on the big screen. No wonder many fans expect that the mutants might be very different when they finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But while the MCU X-Men could mark a departure from what audiences have seen, fans are already slamming one potential change to the characters.

Director Simon Kinberg and actors Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner, Evan Peters, and Tye Sheridan
Director Simon Kinberg and actors Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner, Evan Peters, and Tye Sheridan | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how?

As soon as Disney’s acquisition of Fox became a possibility, fans were eager to see the X-Men join the Avengers in the MCU. So it’s no surprise Marvel Studios is already hard at work on that. The MCU is still developing a strategy to introduce the mutants and their former Fox-owned siblings, the Fantastic Four. But to date, Marvel has not announced anything official.

Naturally, speculation has run rampant about how the MCU could add the fan-favorite characters. And one solution that has repeatedly come up is the Marvel multiverse. Phase 4 of the MCU will introduce the notion of multiple parallel worlds. It would be simple enough for a new set of X-Men and Fantastic Four to migrate over without any need for another origin story.

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The MCU might make a controversial but ‘inclusive’ change

But no matter how the MCU brings in the X-Men, no doubt this new iteration of the characters will differ somewhat from the previous ones. Many fans hope the MCU mutants will hew more closely to the comics. Details may be scant about that now. Yet, a new report claims Marvel Studios might be looking to make a drastic change to the X-Men.

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel Studios is considering a name change for the X-Men team. The rationale is that the traditional title excludes women. So a “more inclusive” alternative could take its place. However, the report doesn’t mention what other names are in play. And WGTC itself doesn’t seem convinced the MCU will go through with it.

And the site is probably right. Yes, Marvel Studios is ramping up the diversity in its film and TV projects. Phase 4 is a testament to how far the MCU has come. But any name other than X-Men would risk the series’ brand recognition. Moreover, the Marvel Comics title has always embraced progressive values, with women in leadership roles throughout its history.

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And Marvel fans are none too happy to see the mutant team updated

Yet, simply the idea of changing the name has infuriated fans.

“I’m sorry, ‘make it more inclusive’??? What do you think the X-Men are all about?” one user tweeted. Other fans also worried the potential name change stemmed from a fundamental misunderstanding of the X-Men itself.

As another user put it: “If anyone knows anything about the history of the X-Men then you would already know they are inclusive. Mutants come in all colors & nationalities. Tell Karen to STFU already!”

To be fair, diversity has always been inherently baked into the X-Men itself. So it would be strange for Marvel to rebrand the characters at this point. Even though X-Men: Dark Phoenix called out the potentially sexist interpretation of the team name, it’s likely to be grandfathered in.