Y’all, Nicki Minaj Was Just Kidding About That Adele Collaboration

Within the past 24 hours, a wave of collective excitement knocked down Adele and Nicki Minaj fans once word spread the two megastars had a musical union in the works. The news was slowly creeping up to the epic levels of Marvel movie announcements and royal baby updates, with fans ready to mark their mental calendars with a date for the song’s mystical and mythical release.

Whoa, friends, ‘tis a false alarm, for Mrs. Petty has changed her tune in every sense of the word. Here’s what’s going on.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj | Ray Tamarra/GC Images/Getty Images

Let’s back up a few hours

So, yesterday Nicki Minaj did an interview with Entertainment Tonight about her Fendi collection and alluded to the notion that she and Brit singer Adele are teaming up for a new song. Screams, shouts, gasps, and giggles erupted from multiple corners of the universe because who wouldn’t be interested in hearing such a tune?

It was covered by multiple media outlets, including ours right here, and once again, Minaj lifted the hopes of all the Barbz by dropping this nugget of information. Though there were some skeptics in the crowd who didn’t believe this would come to pass since Minaj said she was retiring, the announcement still garnered a round of online applause.

Nicki Minaj was just teasing

Sorry, everyone, but the rap queen wants to let us know that she’s not really doing a song with Adele–at least not right now. She was just being facetious and fans are now trying to cope. Minaj tweeted this message a couple of hours ago to clarify her comment:

As fans struggle to wipe their tears and pick their hearts up off the floor, many are cracking jokes about how Minaj let them down again. They want new music, and it looks like some are starting a campaign to make the false collab a reality. What’s up, Adele?

In the meantime, listeners can catch Minaj on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack as a featured artist with Ariana Grande and Normani.

We thought Adele and Beyoncé were getting together too

Two weeks ago, there was a rumor swirling that Queen Bey and Adele were on a new track for One Republic’s album. That too turned out to be untrue, with a rep for the band telling CNN that the group’s frontman, Ryan Tedder, was just joking.

At this time, it is believed that Adele is preparing to drop new music within the next couple of weeks, and possibly as soon as this Friday. Capital FM picked up on a report that the songstress plans to release an album in early November.

There’s no confirmation from Adele’s camp about whether this is legit, but fans can certainly hope for some surprise features.

At least Nicki Minaj fans can take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t look like she’s retiring, but no one is sure when she’s releasing new music. We guess it’s best to keep an eye on her social media accounts to find out if she makes any new promises and sticks to them.