You Can Stream These Timeless Romantic Comedies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix is the hottest thing in entertainment right now. From riveting true-crime documentaries to lighter fare like stand-up specials and romantic stories, the streaming platform has a little bit of everything. When you are in the mood for romcoms that stand the test of time, check out our picks below. Full of humor, heart, and expert storytelling, these films will keep you coming back again and again.


For fans of subversive and sweet stories such as The Princess Bride, Stardust is the perfect option. Released in 2007, this fantasy film tells the story of a fallen star, who is found by a young man on a quest for adventure. Featuring an all-star cast with names like Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert De Niro, Ben Barnes, Charlie Cox, and Sienna Miller, Stardust doesn’t take itself too seriously, while remaining a truly timeless tale of romance and wit. For romance and fun that is unparalleled, stream Stardust and immerse yourself in a world of fairy-tale magic.

‘Mamma Mia!’

Funny and heartwarming, Mamma Mia! was released in 2008, following the incredible success of the long-running Broadway musical. Classic ABBA songs and the stunning scenery of Greece provide the backdrop for the story of a young woman trying to uncover the identity of her biological father. Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan head an impressive cast, which also features Amanda Seyfried in one of her very first starring roles. With the release of the recent sequel, the original film has undergone a resurgence, and a whole new generation is discovering the charm of this ageless film.

‘Pretty in Pink’

Molly Ringwald became a cult icon after the release of this 1986 classic. The film tells the story of Andie, a working-class girl who falls for the town rich kid, without realizing that her longtime best friend Duckie, played by Jon Cryer, is actually in love with her. Pretty in Pink has become known as a coming of age film for all ages and it still holds up incredibly well, over thirty years after it’s original release. It also solidified Ringwald’s status as a top star of the decade, as this one followed her other John Hughes film, Sixteen Candles


This charming film tells the story of a French chocolatier who moves to a small town with her young daughter. The woman discovers that the town’s mentality won’t allow for change easily, as she struggles to adapt to a new life while improving the fortunes of those around her. The cast includes Johnny Depp as a charming gypsy and Juliette Binoche as the chocolate-maker with a gift for sensing exactly what people need to be happy. Beautiful scenery, witty dialogue, and a perfectly happy ending make Chocolat one that you will want to experience again and again.

‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’

If quirky humor is what you crave, stream Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, available now on Netflix. This irreverent film stars teen icon Michael Cera in one of his biggest hits and is filmed in a video-game style that makes it endlessly entertaining to watch. It tells the story of Scott Pilgrim, a lovable slacker who falls in love with Ramona Flowers, a delivery girl with changeable hair. In order to win her heart and conquer his own life story, Scott must defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes in a series of high-level challenges. Whether you prefer the nonstop humor or the over-the-top antics, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a must-watch. 

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