You Can Thank ‘Star Wars’ for Getting Elizabeth Olsen Into Bigger Movies Like Marvel Cinematic Universe and ‘Wandavision’

WandaVision is the newest streaming show to hit Disney+ and it is all any Marvel fan can talk about. It is a big ‘ole mystery as well, so there’s a ton to think about and theorize on. And while Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany have been a part of the Marvel family since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron — in person, because Bettany has voiced J.A.R.V.I.S. since 2008 — WandaVision puts them at the forefront of a project as they’ve never been before. 

And while it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, if Olsen hadn’t been a fan of a little fan called Star Wars, she might not have pursued something as big as a Marvel movie. 

Elizabeth Olsen’s love of ‘Star Wars’ is what pushed her to ask for roles in big-budget movies like Marvel’s

Disney+ series WandaVision
Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany | Marvel Studios

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In an interview with Collider for their Ladies Night video, Olsen talked about how she went from independent films like Martha Marcy May Marlene to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

“It was actually a funny decision I had put out in the world,” Olsen said. “I talked to my agent, my manager who are like my other mothers. I just love them so much. And I told them, ‘I want to be considered for the projects that I grew up …’ – like, as a kid, looking at Star Wars and I was obsessed with Star Wars. You couldn’t peel me away from Star Wars as a child.” 

She explained that she wanted to figure out how to get from the smaller movies she was doing to something like Star Wars. To go from “these really disturbed women in independent films” to “just a disturbed woman in a big franchise,” Olsen joked.

She met with Kevin Feige and others, as well as heads of Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind Godzilla, which was the first Blockbuster she got into. 

Olsen didn’t know the comics a ton, but really loved ‘Iron Man’

Olsen starred alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson in 2014’s Godzilla and met with Joss Whedon to potentially play Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which Whedon directed and wrote. 

Even though it’s sort of funny that Olsen and Taylor-Johnson went from playing a married couple to siblings, it was also wild that they were about to be in a Marvel movie together. 

“Aaron and I kind of were like, ‘Are we both gonna do this? This is so funny!’” Olsen recalled.

While Star Wars is what sparked Olsen’s interest in these big, epic movies, Marvel was also very much on her radar and she was a fan. She told Collider that she wasn’t a comic reader, but she loved Iron Man and one of her brothers already catching her up on a ton of the Marvel phases. 

“He already knew about all these things that were happening that I didn’t, and he was really telling me how exciting the next chapter of Marvel was gonna be,” Olsen said. “So the way he talked about it made me excited. And, you know, he’s not in the industry; he’s just a fan!”

Olsen shared that her casting experience was similar to a lot of people’s in the industry

Thanks to Star Wars and the power of movie-making, Olsen found some inspiration into what she wanted her next career steps to be. Although, she probably would have found her way there regardless. 

And having these general meetings with higher ups in these big production companies is the way to go. Olsen also told Collider that Kathryn Hahn, who plays Agnes on WandaVision, also scored one of these general meetings and met with Feige at the right time. 

“[Hahn] went on a general around the same time they were prepping WandaVision and she was like the first person that came up when they wanted to cast Agnes,” Olsen said. “There is something to it about taking these generals that feel so awkward usually because it always feels like you’re marketing yourself, which is what you’re kind of doing but you’re all just trying to have a conversation about what they’re doing as well, or what they’re interested in putting out in the world.”

Well, Olsen is a pretty good PR representative for herself then. And who even knows how WandaVision, or Wanda’s story, will end. 

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