You Probably Never Knew These Popular Celebrities Were Once Homeless

Celebrities live plush, lavish lives, but most didn’t grow up wealthy. In fact, some stars worked their way out of homelessness. You may not guess it based on their massive success, but these celebrities were once homeless. And you won’t believe which popular Academy Award-winning actress worked her way out of homelessness (on page 9).

1. Jewel

Jewel speaks onstage at Fortune MPW Next Gen

Jewel speaks onstage at Fortune MPW Next Gen. | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Fortune

  • Jewel lost her job after she was sexually harassed by her boss.

The singer became one of the best-selling artists of all time with her debut album, Pieces of You. However, before Jewel’s success in the ’90s, the Alaskan native was living on the streets after being fired for refusing to sleep with her boss.

She wrote on her website, “I ended up homeless for a year. I kept writing songs and started singing in a local coffee shop called The Inner Change Cafe. I developed a loyal following. No one knew I was homeless.” Luckily, Jewel’s perseverance helped her secure a label and a best-selling album.

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