You Won’t Believe How Far One ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Hopeful Went to Get Out of Dating the Alldredge Family

There are a lot of ways to end a relationship. Some people call it quits face-to-face, while others choose the route of ghosting their companion. Few people, however, go to the lengths that Jennifer Linnerth went to put an end to her romance with Jeff Alldredge and his two wives- she faked her death. Linnerth is alive and well today, and she took to Facebook Live to clear the air about exactly what happened and why she did what she did.

What exactly happened between the Alldredges and Jennifer Linnerth

Jennifer Linnerth, a 30-year-old Canadian, spoke with the Alldredge family for several weeks before agreeing to meet up with the family at Niagara Falls. The four did manage to meet up, but the events of the day didn’t go exactly as plan. On a Facebook Live video, Linnerth explained that she was supposed to skate with Jeff before doing the wives nails and heading to dinner as a foursome. Linnerth only made it through skating before an emergency phone call pulled her away.

From there Linnerth had plans to meet up with the Alldredge family again, this time at their home for a week, but that was not meant to be. Shortly before she was due to head out, the family got a mysterious text from Linnerth’s “brother” alleging that she was taken into emergency surgery. A week later, another text came through to inform the family that Linnerth had died.

That isn’t where the story ends though. Linnerth is very much alive and very well. In fact, she’s so well that she claims she is going to shoot her very own reality television show.

Why did she fake her own death?

Linnerth is unapologetic about the way she put an end to her relationship with the Alldredge family. In fact, she credits her adoptive sister for the entire mess. During her Facebook Livestream, Linnerth alleges that her sister had her phone when a text from Jeff came through. She claims that her sister concocted the death story, and she had no idea until several days later.

Linnerth goes on to say that she just went with it because she wasn’t interested in joining the Alldredge family. Apparently, she got the creeps from Jeff Alldredge but had nothing but nice things to say about Sharis and Vanessa. After she found out the family had no running water and that they were planning to put her up in a tree house during her visit, she was no longer interested in dealing with them. The faked death was just convenient at that point.

Why is Jennifer Linnerth considering polygamy?

While a lot of Seeking Sister Wife fans think Linnerth was just on the show for her 15 minutes of fame, she insists that she was and still is seriously considering polygamy. Linnerth grew up in a fundamentalist family before being adopted. She notes that she understands the principle and likes the idea of being able to operate independently while still being married.

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Linnerth went on to explain that a previous, monogamous marriage didn’t work out and that she was merely looking at polygamy as an option. She did stop short of telling people whether or not she is currently courting another family.