You Won’t Believe How Many Corgis Queen Elizabeth Has Owned in Her Lifetime

Even those who don’t keep up with the royals on a regular basis surely know that Queen Elizabeth absolutely loves her corgis. Over the years, we have seen numerous photographs of her majesty with her beloved dogs, and we have heard stories of how they live a pretty lavish lifestyle.

While most people have one or two dogs or even slightly more over the course of many years, very few of us come close to owning the amount that the queen has owned in her lifetime. Queen Elizabeth is definitely an animal lover, and her corgis are well taken care of and extremely important to her. She even has a special room for them at Buckingham Palace, so it is pretty safe to say that the corgis are among some of the luckiest dogs in the entire world.

Having owned this breed of dog for so long, many royal fans do not know exactly how many the queen has had. Let’s take a look at how many corgis Queen Elizabeth has owned in her lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth’s love for corgi’s dates back to 1933

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | UPI color slide / Getty

It was as a young child that the queen, then known as Princess Elizabeth, got her first corgi. According to the New York Times, the family got its first dog that year, who was named Dookie. The young princess was immediately smitten, and little did the royal family know that a lifetime of love for dogs was to come. Soon after, a corgi named Jane became the next royal canine, until, sadly, she was hit by a car and did not survive.

Queen Elizabeth brought a corgi on her honeymoon

In 1944, Princess Elizabeth was given a corgi for her 18th birthday and the dog was named Susan. It was soon after that the future queen married Prince Philip and by that point, she was so attached to the corgi that she couldn’t bear to leave her behind when she and her new husband went on their honeymoon. Unknown to Prince Philip, Princess Elizabeth snuck Susan along on the trip so she wouldn’t have to be apart from her for any amount of time.

The generations of corgis

For 80 years, the queen has always been known to have corgis, and they are all bred from Susan’s lineage. According to The Sun, the dogs are very special, and they definitely get the royal treatment.

They enjoy special meals prepared exclusively by a palace chef just for them, and they even sleep in cozy wicker baskets. As if this weren’t enough, Inquisitr reports the Pembroke Welsh corgis have traveled in luxurious accommodations so that they can always be by the queen’s side. They are even fortunate enough to drink water out of porcelain bowls delivered to them by palace butlers.

Probably the most interesting facts about the queen’s corgis? They are among the only dogs in the world to enjoy meals on china plates and even have their very own Wikipedia page.

You won’t believe how many corgis Queen Elizabeth has owned in her lifetime

While it is easy to assume that someone who loves corgis as much as the queen might have only owned three or four of that in their lifetime, this isn’t exactly the case. Queen Elizabeth has actually owned over 30 of the cute, friendly little corgis that she adores so much.

Members of the public have become accustomed to seeing her with a few of them at a time, and they are said to get along well with the other members of the royal family. According to the Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth stopped breeding the dogs a few years ago, so she wouldn’t leave any behind after her death.

Sadly, her last corgi passed away in 2018, bring the 14 generations of royal corgis to an end. We are glad that the corgis have made Queen Elizabeth so happy over the years.