You Won’t Believe Matthew McConaughey’s Salary As a University of Texas Professor

Matthew McConaughey has been one of the hottest actors in Hollywood for nearly two decades. The charming Texan first made an impression on fans for his impersonation of a stoner in Dazed and Confused, but over the years, he has developed a reputation for choosing unpredictable roles that allow his talent to shine through.

Recently, McConaughey added a new title to his resume — that of a faculty member and full-time instructor at the University of Texas in Austin. Read on to learn what McConaughey teaches and how much he makes at his new gig.

When did Matthew McConaughey start teaching at the university?

Matthew McConaughey watching a football game
Matthew McConaughey | Tim Warner/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas, in 1969. He was raised in a close, loving family, with two older brothers. In the eighties, McConaughey started attending the University of Texas in Austin, graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film.

He went on to pursue a career in acting, becoming, as millions of people know now, one of the most lauded actors of his generation. McConaughey has appeared in a wide variety of films, from popular romantic comedies like Failure to Launch and The Wedding Planner to serious dramas such as Dallas Buyer’s Club and Interstellar.  

For the past few years, McConaughey has been branching out, exploring new territory and diving deep into passion projects. One of those passion projects was becoming a guest instructor at his alma mater, University of Texas.

McConaughey started as a guest instructor in 2015, developing curriculum and teaching courses about film production. In 2019, McConaughey took the next step and became an official full-time staff instructor at the University of Texas. 

What does Matthew McConaughey teach?

Initially, when he started as a guest instructor, McConaughey was co-teaching with another instructor. This was likely to get him into the swing of things and teach him the dynamics of student-teacher interaction.

Now that McConaughey is a few years in, the decision was made for him to full-time, teaching film production. McConaughey’s class is titled “Script to Screen.”

For the first several semesters that McConaughey taught, he and his students analyzed his films The Free State of Jones and White Boy Rick. For the Spring 2019 semester, McConaughey’s curriculum included The Beach Bum and The Gentleman.

What makes his classes so unique is the fact that McConaughey supplements the class studies by actually bringing in some of the other creatives forces behind the films. He particularly enjoys bringing directors to speak at his classes, and a few of the talented people he has brought in include film director Yann Demange and Harmony Korine.

How much money does Matthew McConaughey make as an instructor?

Matthew McConaughey is a wealthy man, and he clearly doesn’t need the extra income that he makes as a full-time instructor at the University of Texas. Still, the school pays him a pretty penny for his services.

According to reports, McConaughey makes a little over $12,000 per year as an instructor, which breaks down to $6,000 per school semester. McConaughey reportedly does not draw a salary for the title that the university granted him, “Minister of Culture.”

While it’s not clear how long McConaughey will continue to teach at the university, it’s certain that he very much enjoys it.

In a recent interview, McConaughey said that his class is the one that he wishes that he would have had while at film school and that working with the students is his chance to “prepare them” for their work in film production.

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