You Won’t Believe What Kathy Griffin Likes to Splurge On

It took Kathy Griffin decades to build an empire. The 58-year-old former Bravo star is a Guinness World Record holder, and recently finished up an incredibly successful world tour, but back on American soil, the tangerine-haired comedienne is still persona non grata.

Kathy Griffin at SXSW
Kathy Griffin (Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

While Griffin is finding it nearly impossible to step foot back into Hollywood, she has had significant success across the globe. In fact, she just recently sold out every show she booked in 16 countries. Also a savvy businesswoman, Griffin has been careful with her money, allowing her to splurge on a couple of essential luxury items, even as she struggles to find work in network-run Hollywood.

Why did Kathy Griffin get blacklisted?

Kathy Griffin was in the midst of a comedy tour in 2017 when she met up with photographer Tyler Shields. Shields, now 36, is known in the industry for his provocative photos and his willingness to get his hands dirty. But the comedy genius who amassed her fortune utilizing her “D-list” celebrity status to tell hilarious stories about Hollywood’s upper crust, and the provocative photographer took it too far. 

Griffin circulated a picture of herself holding a Donald Trump mask dripping with ketchup. The photo, which aimed to reference Trump’s attack on Megyn Kelly, was gory and downright offensive. Within moments the backlash was felt. CNN cut ties with Griffin who had long enjoyed a relationship with the network. Bravo bid adieu to the comedienne who had worked with the network for years, and she lost a plethora of sponsorships. Within a matter of minutes Griffin had the remaining shows in her tour canceled, according to The Daily Mail.

While Griffin attempted to throw herself at the mercy of the American public, they were not having it. The loss of income may have been devastating to a lesser celebrity, but Griffin has been financially savvy, and even with a slew of cancellations, dropped projects and lost sponsorship she’s found a way to continue to splurge.

Kathy Griffin splurges on private jets

Griffin, who is admittedly pretty frugal, does splurge on one big luxury item. The former Groundling likes to fly private. Griffin told The Cut in a poignant interview that while flying private is a massive splurge, she feels its one that makes sense for her at the moment. Following her controversial photography session, she has received a plethora of death threats and has been stopped by security at every airport imaginable. Flying private offers her the protection she feels she needs right now.

Griffin went on to tell The Cut that there is another reason she prefers private flight. After a painful breakup she likes to fly with her pets and flying private makes the entire process much more manageable. She admits if there comes a day where she has to go back to mass flight for the sake of her bank account, she’ll happily do it, but for now, she’s absolutely secure with the splurge.

Griffin also famously purchased her $10.5 million California home in cash. Griffin is proud of her home and even prouder that she was ready and willing to plunk down all cash for the purchase. It proved to be an intelligent decision. Without a looming mortgage payment on the horizon, Griffin is free to finance her own projects.