You Won’t Believe What Mariah Carey Demanded in Her Trailer

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey is a total diva. She has been in the business for nearly 30 years, is one of best-selling artists of all time, and has a voice that can’t be compared to. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Mimi has made some over-the-top requests in the past.

She certainly isn’t the first musician with a prepared list of outrageous demands wherever she goes, but that, coupled with her behavior on the set of the 2017 comedy The House, didn’t leave a great impression on the rest of the cast. The diva’s antics may have actually been the reason her part was cut from the movie.

The film’s star, Will Ferrell, confirmed that Carey “did not make the final cut” while co-stars Cedric Yarbrough and Rob Huebel elaborated on the news by claiming that the superstar had ridiculous requests and was difficult to work with. Here’s a list detailing some of the singer’s most outrageous behavior.

She refuses to speak at all the day before her shows

Mariah Carey sits behind a microphone at a press conference in Israel

Mariah Carey at press conference | Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

Carey is known for going to great lengths to “preserve” her voice, so don’t expect to hear her say anything the day before she has a show. Jeff Olde, who oversaw the production of the star’s E! docuseries titled Mariah’s World, told The New York Times that the diva wouldn’t utter a single word on those days and only communicated through writing and signing.

“She cannot speak the day before a performance,” said Olde. “She knows exactly what she wants but has to communicate through writing or sign language.”

Next: She refuses to be seen in fluorescent lighting without this.

She won’t be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses

Mariah Carey pulls her sunglasses down while filming a music video

Mariah Carey on set of music video | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

During an episode of Mariah’s World, the star revealed why she had been wearing sunglasses indoors. Carey explained that her shades are her defense against bad lighting, so she has a strict rule to never to be caught under fluorescent lights without them.

“I have a rule which states that I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses,” she said.

Next: She has to have this in her trailer.

She demanded white roses and lamb stuffed animals be placed in her trailer

Mariah Carey smiling for photos while in a car behind the steering wheel in Baku, Azerbaijan

Mariah Carey | Mark Thompson/Getty Images

The diva’s demands while filming her cameo in The House was that she absolutely had to have all white roses and lamb stuffed animals in her trailer. The latter refers to Carey’s fanbase, who are called “lambs.”

Aside from her request for specific flowers and stuffed animals, she also requested that a giant fan be brought out to blow her hair around during her scene, and that the camera only shoot at an angle above her.

Yarbrough and Huebel publicly slammed Carey for her behavior on set, claiming that she showed up four hours late to do the scene and then tried to change the script with what she thought was a better storyline. Her part ended up being cut out of the film completely.

Next: She will not walk if she’s not feeling up to it.

She will not walk when her feet hurt

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If Carey’s feet are hurting, the queen should not have to walk on them, right? Her staffers decided to put a chair on a rolling cart and wheel her around when her heels caused her pain.

This fan account captured the image of just that, as Carey was pushed through a casino after her show, with makeup artists and assistants remaining close by to offer her a beverage and powder her face.

Next: Carey sleeps with 20 humidifiers.

She must have 20 humidifiers surround her while she sleeps

Mariah Carey posing on bed in a robe for makeup launch

Mariah Carey promoting MAC cosmetics | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for M.A.C

This is another example of what Carey believes she needs to do to protect her vocal cords.

The “Vision of Love” artist told V Magazine that she sleeps with 20 humidifiers around her bed. Because of all the steam created, Carey said that the room is specifically sloped in a way to ensure that the water will not fall on her head and only drips down to the sides.

Next: This is why she required assistance to sit down and stand up.

She required assistance to sit down and stand up to avoid wrinkling her dress

Mariah Carey poses on the red carpet before holiday show

Mariah Carey at Diva’s holiday concert | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

During an interview on GMTV in 2009, Mimi wouldn’t sit down on the couch unless producers helped lower her into position. She claimed the reason for that was so she did not get creases in her dress.

If that’s not diva enough for you, she also had an assistant with her whose only job was to walk backward in front of the superstar and be ready to catch her in case she fell.

Next: She demanded that her own song be played as she gave birth.

She demanded that her song ‘Fantasy’ be played as she gave birth 

Mariah Carey holds the hands of her two children while attending a movie premiere

Mariah Carey with twins at movie premiere | Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images

Carey specifically requested that the live version of her hit song, “Fantasy,” be played in the delivery room when she gave birth to her twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Why the live version you ask? Well, because the singer wanted her babies to hear rousing applause as they entered the world.

Next: Backstage has to be the perfect environment.

She wants the perfect backstage environment

Mariah Carey is smiling in a black body suit.

Mariah Carey | Empire/Fox

Carey is certainly not afraid to make a long list when it comes to backstage demands. She reportedly has to have several specific items, such as eight tall leafy plants, four Joe Malone vanilla candles, 12 bottles of melon flavor Gatorade, and 12 small bottles of water at room temperature. The room also needs to be at a perfect 75 degrees.

Next: Why did Carey spend a crazy amount of money on one flight?

The entire first-class cabin

View from airplance window

Plane window | esinesra/iStock/Getty Images

What should a world-class diva do when a private jet is not an option? In 2014, Carey booked the entire first-class cabin of a British flight in order to ensure her privacy, costing her 70,000 pounds. A source told The Sun newspaper: “Over the years Mariah has grown accustomed to traveling in ultimate style so she doesn’t think twice about paying such a crazy amount to ensure her privacy. At least she’ll be able to stock up on the missing passengers’ complimentary eye masks and hot towels.”

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