You’ll Never Guess Which Throwback Song Taylor Swift Sang in This Mini-Concert

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released Lover earlier this year, an album her fans fell in love with immediately. Today, National Public Radio released the pop artist’s Tiny Desk Concert, part of a mini-concert series the public radio station hosts. Swift played completely stripped-down, acoustic versions of her songs to a packed-in crowd in a small NPR office.

“Wow, this is a lot of people in a tiny office!” Swift exclaimed as she set up.

Taylor Swift graced the Tiny Desk Concert audience with new songs from ‘Lover’

“Tiny Desk is like, one of my favorite corners of the Internet,” Swift remarked before she started singing. “It’s an opportunity for artists to decide a different way to showcase their music.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | McIntyre/Getty Images

Swift told the Tiny Desk crowd she wanted to show them “how the songs sounded when I first wrote them,” meaning just a guitar or a piano would accompany her voice.

“It’s just me,” the 29-year-old singer said to applause, joking, “there’s no dancers.”

She started with three songs from her newest album: a feminist anthem called the “The Man,” followed up by the title track of Lover, then finally, “Death By A Thousand Cuts.”

Swift delighted fans with this throwback to the ‘Red’ album

While most of the songs in the concert came from her newest release, Taylor Swift made the Tiny Desk crowd go wild when she threw it back to one of her older songs from the 2012 album Red.

“I was trying to think of what songs to do for this,” she said, beginning her long explanation for how she chose this fourth and final ballad to close out the tiny concert.

“I was thinking about how it’s autumn,” she said, which is her “favorite season.”

“People on the Internet,” she continued, “have been kind enough to associate autumn with one of my albums called Red … I guess it’s just a very, like, autumn-y album.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Scott Borchetta  |  Larry Busacca/TAS/Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift went on to drop hints about which song from her fourth album she would sing, until eventually revealing the name. “There was this one song on the album that I was like, ‘I’m the only one who loves this song this much,'” she said. “But it’s only because it happened to me and it was personal.”

Fans were thrilled Swift sang ‘All Too Well’

Swift finally revealed the mystery song, saying at the time of the album release, she worried, “No one else is going to like ‘All too Well’ as much as I did.”

As soon as Swift mentioned the song title, the audience broke out in screams.

“Slowly but surely,” she continued, “you guys have made that song something that was way more than I ever thought the life of that song would be. I’ve just had so much fun … screaming it with you guys.”

Swift revealed that the song was “probably my favorite song on Red.” But she’s mostly thrilled that fans like it too; “it’s usually number one on any list” of her listener-ranked songs.

“I figured that maybe I would play it for you,” she told the adoring fans.

Playing piano, Swift sang a soft and emotional rendition of “All Too Well,” and she was right: it was perfect for an October evening such as this.

‘All Too Well’ is becoming more and more popular with Taylor Swift fans

Swift told the story of how the song blew up at last week’s Tiny Desk Concert, but it took fans a few years to really come around to “All Too Well.” She told the Rolling Stone last month, “it took people about three years to note that that was one of the best songs. I didn’t see that starting to pop up when people would talk about my music until about two or three years after the album had its moment.”

Taylor Swift also mentioned the song in an Instagram caption during her Reputation tour. She wrote that because the song was never released as a single, “it always blows my mind that it is consistently one of the loudest songs the crowd sings when I play it.”

Maybe it’s how relatable the lyrics are, or the hauntingly beautiful chords. Whatever the reason, “All Too Well” has resonated strongly with the Swifties recently.

The Internet is living for Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert

Like many others on the Internet today, Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson took to Twitter to gush over Taylor Swift’s NPR concert.

Another Twitter user, Alex Goldschimdt wrote: “People love to criticize her intelligence and artistry but when it’s just her and the guitar, there’s no denying her gift.”

“Just hearing her process is a gift,” he ended it, followed by a red heart emoji.