You’ll Want to Subscribe to Hulu Just for These Binge-Worthy Original Shows

Gone are the days of waiting all week for another episode of your favorite TV shows. Technology has made it possible to watch an entire series from start to finish without ever taking a break or waiting. Binge-watching shows are the new normal, and is changing the entertainment industry.

Not only can streaming television give you control of what and when to watch, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money. In most cases, you can subscribe to a streaming channel for less than paying for cable.

With the huge increase in customers switching from live TV to streaming services, channels like Hulu have found the funding to create their own entertainment content. And these new shows are scooping up all the awards.

Why are these shows so popular? It’s because they’re not limited by the same rules and structures network television has been using for decades. This makes the shows fresher and more current. 

Here is our list of the binge-worthy original shows that will make you want to subscribe to Hulu now.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

In case you haven’t heard, The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the hottest shows on television today. In the oppressive Republic of Gilead, Offred is one of the few fertile women left. She is being used by the faithful as a handmaid in order to help them make a baby.

This drama tells the story of what might happen if strict religious zealots were able to take over America. Women are no longer allowed to read, work, or have their own life. Men are in contro. Break any of the new laws, and you might find yourself as a handmaid.

‘The Path’

The Path is a thriller with twists and turns. The show is set in a fictional cult called Meyerism, where Eddie Lane, played by Aaron Paul, starts to question his faith. He needs to deal with his charismatic leader while being at odds with his devout wife, played by Michelle Monaghan.

If you are looking for a mix of romance, mystery-thriller, and the supernatural, this is the show for you.

‘Future Man’

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Don't worry, time travel's just as confusing to them.

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Were you trying to figure out what Seth Rogen has been working on? Well, he has been an executive producer on Future Man. When a janitor is recruited by two resistance fighters from the future to save their world, crazy funny, raunchy comedy can be expected.

Josh Hutcherson stars in Future Man. He is asked to save the world because of his mad video game skills — and yes, that guy in the show that looks really familiar is, in fact, Haley Joel Osment. 

‘Castle Rock’

If you are into jump-scares and suspense, Castle Rock is a must watch. If you can’t handle supernatural horror, stay clear. Not only does this series have a creepy dark vibe, but it is reminiscent on some of Stephen King’s early work.

The show’s creators describe it as a “town that has been visited by nightmares for centuries.” The storyline revolves around a prison and a mysterious inmate who was found in Shawshank’s bowels. 


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In Harlots, a Hulu original series, Samantha Morton stars as Margaret Wells. She is a former prostitute trying to manage and run her own brothel.

The show is set in 18th century London. Margaret Wells finds that running a brothel comes with struggles. On top of dealing with religious zealots, she also has to deal with her former madam, who does not want her to succeed.

Hulu is definitely worth the subscription fee from their original programming alone, but they also allow you to stream other shows as well. Many of the popular shows on network TV is also available to binge-watch too.