‘Young and the Restless’ Star Greg Rikaart Tests Positive for Coronavirus, What Does That Mean for the Show?

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, more people are coming down with the virus. Several well-known celebrities have tested positive for the virus and as more tests become available, more people will probably test positive in the coming days.

Greg Rikaart
Greg Rikaart | Francois G. Durand/WireImage

When a member of a cast or crew of a television show tests positive or even comes in contact with someone who has the virus, most productions have come to a halt. So now that a cast member of The Young and the Restless has tested positive for the virus, what does that mean for the show?

Greg Rikaart tests positive

Greg Rikkart took to Instagram on Mar. 23 to announce his positive status.

“I just tested positive for coronavirus,” he wrote. “I am a pretty healthy 43-year-old who doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink much, eats well and exercises regularly and this has been the hardest experience of my life. Two+ weeks ago, everyone in my house had a bit of a cough and my son came home from school with a high fever. Everyone recovered, but I deteriorated.”

In order to keep those around him from getting worse, he separated himself from his family.

“I isolated from my family and have been in solo quarantine since Saturday the 14th,” he said. “I had a fever for 11 days, difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I’m confident that I have finally turned the proverbial corner and am fever free today for the first time since this all started. I was told to stay isolated for another 72 hours before I acclimate back into my family. So, nice try coronavirus, but I have another 4-5 decades worth of experiences to have with these guys. Furthermore, I want to thank you all for the well wishes and I hope you heed the warnings. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay inside.”

Getting diagnosed with coronavirus

Because there is a shortage of tests, Rikaart had a tough time even getting diagnosed.

“Before the fever, on Wednesday of last week, my dr said I had seasonal allergies,” he wrote on Instagram on Mar. 17. “By Friday, he prescribed a zpak, and yesterday, after zero abatement in symptoms following 3 days of antibiotics I tried to get in to see my doctor again, and hopefully be diagnosed with the flu but also be tested for coronavirus.”

But he had a harder time getting in to see a doctor than expected.

“THREE offices refused to see me, including my primary GP, b/c I didn’t meet the CDC threshold of: 1. Having traveled internationally in the past few weeks. 2. Having a fever of 102. 3. Cough. Two offices gave me virtual appointments and said only to come in if conditions deteriorate b/c kits are a finite resource right now. Side note, other countries are testing anyone who wants to be tested b/c many ppl infected are walking around asymptomatically.”

What does this mean for ‘The Young and the Restless’?

As of Tuesday, Mar. 17, The Young and the Restless suspended filming for two weeks. Luckily, the soap opera has four to six weeks of episodes ready to go, according to Deadline.

General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful have also suspended production for the time being.