YouTube: Logan Paul is Giving the Flat Earth Conspiracy New Life

Logan Paul, the YouTube creator who found himself in hot water for chronicling his journey into Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest, is ready to release yet another controversial piece of content. While Paul may have learned his lesson about filming dead bodies, he’s prepared to explore the flat earth theory, and some experts are concerned he’s bringing a conspiracy theory to a whole new generation.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul (Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

Paul, who boasts over 18 million subscribers on YouTube, is wildly popular among tweens and teens. He also has nearly 5 million followers on Twitter and is among the highest earning YouTubers on the platform according to Social Blade.

What is the flat earth theory?

In recent years several celebrities and public figures have announced that they believe the world is flat. According to proponents, the spherical shape of the earth is a myth, and instead, the earth is a flat plane. Much like the explorers of yesteryear, the group believes that it is entirely possible to travel to the edge of the planet.

Earth at night
(Elements of this image furnished by NASA/Getty Images)

According to Live Science, flat earth theorists suggest that all photos of the earth as a sphere are photoshopped and that the sun and moon move in circles across the earth’s flat surface. They surmise that both the sun and the moon are 32-miles wide and illuminate different portions of the flat plane in segments. They also allegedly believe that there is an anti-moon that exists only to obscure the sun and moon during solar and lunar eclipses.

Logan Paul, who recently attended a conference specifically for flat earth believers, is interested in planning an expedition to Antarctica. Believers have strongly suggested that Antarctica is the edge of the world and traveling to the tundra could once-and-for-all prove their belief system, according to Forbes.

Does Logan Paul believe in the flat earth theory?

While Logan Paul’s documentary trailer stops short at declaring him a flat-earther, there is plenty of reason to believe the 23-year-old content creator might be a flat earther. Not only has Paul put a ton of work into a documentary that will explore the flat earth theory and why its proponents are so passionate, but a clip from the documentary’s trailer also has the star announcing that he is ready to come out of the flat earth closet, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

While Paul may be a believer, the YouTube star is known for his wild antics and clickbait titles, so It is possible he’s created the video simply for the views without having any feelings about the theory itself. Fans will need to wait for the full documentary to drop on the platform to make a final decision. According to the trailer, Paul’s documentary will be released on March 20, 2019.