YouTube Star, Camryn Clifford Breaks Her Social Media Silence To Announce the Death of Her Husband, Landon Clifford

Camryn Clifford, a 19-year-old YouTuber, took to Instagram to announce the passing of her husband, Landon Clifford. Camryn and Landon rose to fame on YouTube after they became teen parents. They began documenting their life together in 2017 when they found out they were expecting. Over the years, they have shared their life and the trials and tribulations of raising kids as teen parents with a large community of followers. Landon, who died on Aug. 13, was 19.

Landon Clifford died after spending a week in a coma

Camryn took to Instagram to announce the passing of her husband. She revealed that Landon had passed away on Aug. 13 after spending six days in a medically-induced coma, according to USA Today. The 19-year-old YouTube star’s death shocked the community. Camryn stated that Landon’s organs had been donated to save the lives of others.

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Camryn did not reveal what led to Landon’s death but took to Instagram Live to inform her followers that she would eventually be sharing Landon’s story. She said she was still working out how to process Landon’s passing and how best to share his story with their young audience on YouTube. She didn’t go into detail about what led to Landon’s death, but did state she would not be returning to the home they shared because of the traumatic nature of events. Camryn is hoping that Landon’s story will help spread awareness.

Camryn and Landon took a break from YouTube and social media before his death

Before Landon’s death, the couple had taken a break from YouTube and social media. Camryn explained that she was hoping to get her mental health in order through her absence, and was open about her struggle with Postpartum Depression. Before the death announcement, Camryn had last posted to Instagram on Aug. 5. Her last photo with Landon was posted on June 21 to celebrate Father’s Day. Landon’s final Instagram post was uploaded on May 20.

The couple’s last YouTube video together was published on June 19. In the video, Camryn challenged Landon to answer questions about birth and pregnancy. If he got the question wrong, he had to experience a contraction. Camryn did not state when or if she’ll be returning to the YouTube channel she shared with Landon. They have more than 1 million subscribers.

What is next for Camryn Clifford?

Camryn’s plans moving forward are unclear. After all, it’s only been two weeks since Landon’s death. She did clue fans into her living situation, though. Camryn and Landon moved to Austin, Texas, in 2019 after starting their family in Destin, Florida. The family’s move to Austin was heavily documented on their YouTube channel in a series of vlogs.

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Camryn stated that she would be returning to her family in Florida to ensure she has a support system around her. She stated that she would not return to the house she shared with Landon because of everything that happened there. In the days since Landon’s death, it appears as though she’s been shuffling between different hotels with her two children, Collette, who was born in 2018, and Delilah, who was born in May.