YouTube: What is Former Buzzfeed Creator, Safiya Nygaard’s Net Worth?

At just 26 years old, Safiya Nygaard is on top of the world. The YouTube personality is recently engaged and living her very best life. Nygaard was one of the founders of Ladylike; a popular Buzzfeed video series that brings female producers together to try out different products and compete in challenges. Just like The Try Guys series, Ladylike amassed a considerable following. While LadyLike is still going strong, Nygaard has struck out on her own as an independent content creator.

How did Nygaard land a job at Buzzfeed?

The Chicago-born Nygaard left Illinois to attend Stanford University in 2010. During her time in California, the industrious content creator set her sights on internet producing with a series of intern positions in theatre, production, and marketing. Eventually, she landed a gig with Buzzfeed, first as an intern then a video producer.

During her Buzzfeed tenure, Nygaard worked on a variety of productions for the media giant but is most recognizable for her work on the Ladylike series. The team of four ladies tried out everything from henna hair dye to spending a day without using any period products.

Nygaard’s strategic departure from Buzzfeed

While Safiya Nygaard first joined YouTube in 2011, long before she was known on the internet, her user count didn’t grow substantially until she left Buzzfeed in 2017 and struck out on her own. Since leaving the media giant, Nygaard has amassed nearly 8 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

One of her first videos on her personal channel after leaving the media company focused on her reasoning for walking away from the business that offered the fresh-faced college graduate a chance to craft content. According to Variety, Nygaard simply no longer felt like her vision and Buzzfeed’s were aligned. She also noted that her desire to craft more personal content and interact with her fanbase influenced her decision.

Nygaard has delivered on that promise, offering her fans videos that chronicle her day-to-day life with fiancée Tyler, as well as videos that experiment with makeup and beauty trends. Nygaard’s eclectic filming style seems to keep fans interested.

What is Safiya Nygaard’s net worth?

Walking away from a salaried position to strike out independently is never an easy choice, but like many Buzzfeeders before (and after) Nygaard managed to leverage her Buzzfeed following to craft a healthy income stream. According to Social Blade, Nygaard’s channel likely pulls in around $2 million a year. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.4 million.