YouTuber Shane Dawson Issues a Public Apology

Shane Dawson, one of YouTube’s earliest stars, was forced to issue an apology after a fan unearthed a 2015 podcast. In the podcast, Dawson, now 30, joked about his first sexual experience. He went on to joke that he ejaculated on his cat when he was 19. The internet was set ablaze, and Dawson took to Twitter to set the record straight. While the cat joke is the most recent issue that Dawson is facing, it isn’t the first time the YouTuber has had to issue a public apology.

What did Shane Dawson have to say about the cat joke?

In a series of tweets, Dawson lamented that he was over making apologies. The content creator, best known for his comical skits and vlogs, went on to say that he was joking in the podcast episode and nothing he said actually happened.

Dawson’s eight-part Twitter rant focused intently on how the podcast was recorded during a time when he was saying controversial things just for a laugh. He explained that his goal years ago was to shock peopleĀ with outrageous stories. The direction of his YouTube channel has since changed.

Dawson has been called out for racist jokes in the past

While Dawson is now being called out for making jokes about animal abuse, it isn’t the first time his behavior has been called into question. Dawson was previously called out by Twitter users for racist skits he posted on YouTube. Dawson has used blackface in several skits, according to Splinter News.

Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

While he has since apologized for his behavior, not all his fans are satisfied. Many argue that he hasn’t learned his lesson. Opponents point to his video series featuring controversial content creators as proof that he still harbors racist views.

Fans have criticized the YouTuber for giving controversial content creators publicity

Dawson has been working on a documentary series for YouTube where he works with and interviews other content creators. His series, Inside the Mind of Jake Paul, garnered backlash for his gutless reaction to Paul’s explanation for his use of racial slurs.

Paul had previously been filmed using the N-word repeatedly and has posted multiple videos where he uses the word, according to The Independent. Paul, 22, has also been accused of abusing his employees.

Dawson has also been criticized for working with Jeffree Star, a beauty guru on the platform. Star has had several racist rants exposed in recent years. The beauty guru has also been outed for calling an African-American guru a “gorilla” and for his regular use of the N-word, according to Teen Vogue. Star has been boycotted by many in the community for his vile behavior.